Month: March 2021

How Conservative Cosmetic Treatments Lead To Smile Makeovers

The idea of a smile makeover can feel ambitious, but you can be surprised at how much a conservative cosmetic dental procedure can do to improve your smile. With just one procedure, your dentist can address several issues that you have with the way you look. Sunny Smiles is prepared to work with you on… Read more »

We Can Fully Restore A Smile Impacted By A Dental Emergency

If you have a dental emergency, you can see your dentist on short notice to provide the appropriate treatment. While you can count on your dentist to address your oral health concerns on short notice, can you also expect them to preserve your appearance by properly restoring your smile? At Sunny Smiles, we can provide… Read more »

Tell Your Dentist If Tooth Pain Interferes With Your Bite

What stands between you and your favorite meal? For someone with an untreated tooth injury or serious cavity, persistent pain and sensitivity can make every meal difficult to enjoy. You should know that in addition to making it more difficult to bite and chew, tooth pain can be a warning that your tooth’s health is… Read more »

3 Smile Concerns That Can Call For A Dental Crown

There are times when restorative dental work is needed but a crown is not required. At regular dental exams, your smile is reviewed for any signs of tooth decay, which can lead to the detection of a cavity that you are not yet aware of. When smaller cavities are caught and treated, a dental filling… Read more »

Problems Linked To Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Are you starting to experience oral health problems because your wisdom teeth are trying to move into place? Our wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last to erupt, and they often do not arrive until a person is close to grown or already an adult. Unfortunately, their arrival is often not a welcome development…. Read more »

Veneers Can Give You A Brighter, More Symmetrical Smile

You can feel more confident when you smile after addressing the different flaws that impact your appearance. As you look into cosmetic dentistry, you can find that these flaws can be addressed in less time, and with less work, than you might anticipate. One treatment option offered at Sunny Smiles involves capping teeth with porcelain… Read more »

Why You Should Treat A Cavity Like A Serious Concern

While cavities are a common threat, they are not a threat that you should take too lightly. If you underestimate what a cavity can do, you may find yourself in need of emergency dental work because of a painful tooth infection! Sunny Smiles is prepared to take care of issues that patients have with dental… Read more »

Can TMJ Therapy Provide Headache Relief?

If you start to experience persistent headaches, you may not think to tell your dentist about it. Bringing this up during a dental visit can actually be beneficial, because this issue can be linked to trouble with your oral health! TMJ therapy can ease tension on your jaw joints and muscles that lead to difficulties… Read more »

3 Problems That General Dental Services Help You Address

How much good do your general dental services really do for your smile? Routine checkups provide protection against the different oral health issues that can develop and impact your appearance and quality of life. When dental problems form and do not receive treatment, you can deal with pain, trouble with your appearance, and even problems… Read more »

Take Home A Whitening Kit To Fight Embarrassing Teeth Stains

If your goal is to fight teeth stains that have accumulated and dulled your smile, you may want to ask your dentist to provide help. Removing these stains can be difficult if you only rely on store bought whiteners and toothpastes that claim to brighten smiles. These products can prove less than effective at taking… Read more »