Month: March 2021

Is It Time For You To Schedule Your Next Dental Checkup?

During your last routine dental exam, were you warned about problems with tartar buildup or treated for tooth decay? With the right daily habits in place, you can go through a checkup without needing restorative dental work, and with few concerns about tartar formation or issues with gingivitis. However, this does not mean good behaviors… Read more »

What Can I Do After Losing A Dental Crown Or Filling?

Your dental restoration provides permanent protection after an injury, or after cavity treatment. When you have a permanent dental crown or dental filling, you should feel comfortable biting and chewing even after undergoing a procedure. With the right materials, you can even maintain a confident smile, as your restoration can imitate healthy tooth structure. Unfortunately,… Read more »

How Cosmetic Dentistry Takes On Dental Discoloration

Dental discoloration can make people perceive you as older, less attractive, and even less healthy. Visible flaws can make you unhappy with your smile, even if you have taken care to protect yourself against problems that call for restorative dental work. At Sunny Smiles, we provide multiple cosmetic dental procedures that can brighten teeth. You… Read more »

Can I Really See My Dentist On A Saturday?

If you want to maintain a confident, healthy, and attractive, smile, you should take advantage of the preventive services that your dentist offers. Unfortunately, people sometimes skip these appointments and lose out on the care available to them. Why would someone stop taking advantage of preventive dental care that protects them against tooth decay and… Read more »

How Can I Be Sure That My Kids Are Safe From Cavities?

From an early age, kids need help from their parents to avoid problems with tooth decay. How soon can tooth decay become a concern? Once their teeth start to arrive, a child can experience trouble with this particular oral health problem. Parents can provide important protection by gently and thoroughly cleaning their kids’ teeth until… Read more »

Are You Experiencing Lingering Dental Pain After An Injury?

A tooth injury can be painful, and it can also be scary. Checking the mirror and not seeing any chips, cracks, or other types of damage can give you a sense of relief after the injury, but that relief can disappear when pain becomes a lingering issue. You may not be able to see the… Read more »

Should Restorative Dental Work Be Part Of A Smile Makeover?

When you look at your smile, you seem several areas of improvement. With the right approach to cosmetic dentistry, you can begin to show off a brighter, more attractive smile that increases your confidence. For many who want to enjoy a smile makeover, cosmetic work can take less time, and require fewer changes, than they… Read more »