Can I Really See My Dentist On A Saturday?

If you want to maintain a confident, healthy, and attractive, smile, you should take advantage of the preventive services that your dentist offers. Unfortunately, people sometimes skip these appointments and lose out on the care available to them. Why would someone stop taking advantage of preventive dental care that protects them against tooth decay and gum disease? For some, it can be difficult to actually find available time to meet with their dentist. Sunny Smiles actually makes care easier to access, as we maintain office hours on Saturdays. Because of this, it can be easier for people to make time for services like routine dental exams and cleanings

Has Your Busy Schedule Affected Your Commitment To Dental Care?

Unless you are already following instructions from your dentist to work on a different schedule, you should attend a routine dental exam every six months. For people who have inflexible or busy schedules, making time for semiannual appointments can be surprisingly difficult. Unfortunately, a busy schedule does not protect you against problems like tartar buildup, tooth decay, or gum disease! When you struggle to find time during the week to see the dentist, know that our practice can work with you by setting up time on a Saturday to provide a thorough evaluation and cleaning of your smile.

The Value Of Consistent Dental Exams

During a routine dental visit, you receive the benefits of both a thorough teeth cleaning and a detailed examination. Cleanings remove tartar buildup, something that you are not able to do for yourself. While you can prevent the buildup of tartar by practicing good habits, any deposits that form are going to remain despite your efforts at removal with a toothbrush or floss string. Your dentist protects you by looking out for any early warning signs of trouble. In addition to watching out for cavities, we will evaluate you for other signs of trouble, like TMJ disorder and bruxism, that can affect your smile and quality of life.

What Will Happen If My Dentist Spots A Cavity?

If a cavity is identified during your visit, your dentist can evaluate it, determine how it should be treated, and advise you on what restorative dental procedure is recommended. The benefit to early cavity detection is that we can catch and restore a tooth affected by decay before complications become a concern. In other words, your tooth can be restored with a dental filling, and you will not require a dental crown.

Sunny Smiles Offers Saturday Appointments!

By offering Saturday office hours, we make our services more accessible to those who might run into problems scheduling appointments during the week. To learn more about the services that we can provide during a routine visit, or what we can do if you have any active oral health concerns, please contact our El Paso, TX, dentists’ office on N Zaragoza Rd by calling 915-849-9000.