What Can I Do After Losing A Dental Crown Or Filling?

Your dental restoration provides permanent protection after an injury, or after cavity treatment. When you have a permanent dental crown or dental filling, you should feel comfortable biting and chewing even after undergoing a procedure. With the right materials, you can even maintain a confident smile, as your restoration can imitate healthy tooth structure. Unfortunately, problems with fillings and crowns can occur. This may not be too surprising – after all, if you can have problems with teeth, you can have problems with restorations! If you lose a restoration, make treatment a priority. If you keep putting off treatment, you spend more time with your tooth in a vulnerable state.

A Lost Restoration Can Be A Big Problem

A dental filling or dental crown will provide long-term protection that lets you bite and chew without difficulty. Because Sunny Smiles provides restorations with lifelike materials, you can also smile and speak without worrying that your appearance has changed. Restorations are meant to provide permanent support. If you lose one, a tooth becomes vulnerable to both infection and physical harm. Fortunately, a new restoration can provide renewed protection, and prevent difficulties from affecting your oral health and smile.

Seeking Treatment To Replace A Restoration

It is important to make sure that your tooth has dependable support from a restoration. We can replace a lost or damaged filling or crown so that you do not have to worry about new issues with your tooth’s health. At your appointment, your dentist will closely evaluate your tooth to make sure there are no new problems to address. It may be necessary to replace an older filling with a crown. We can perform a close study of your tooth to see if this is necessary.

Reaching Out For Help With A Dental Emergency

A physical injury that affects your tooth and restoration can be addressed during an emergency dental procedure. Emergency visits prevent complications and shorten the time you spend in discomfort. At our practice, we are prepared to help patients after an emergency occurs. Issues that lead to severe or prolonged pain, troubles with physical damage, swelling, or concerns about the tooth being lost can all qualify for emergency services.

Sunny Smiles Can Take Care Of You After Losing A Filling Or Crown

If you lose a dental filling or dental crown, Sunny Smiles can help! Ignoring a problem with a restoration can lead to new problems with your tooth’s health. It can also negatively affect your ability to bite and chew. When necessary, we can bring you in for emergency dental work. If you would like to learn more, or if you need to set up an appointment, please contact your El Paso, TX, dentists at our N Zaragoza location by calling 915-849-9000.