How Conservative Cosmetic Treatments Lead To Smile Makeovers

The idea of a smile makeover can feel ambitious, but you can be surprised at how much a conservative cosmetic dental procedure can do to improve your smile. With just one procedure, your dentist can address several issues that you have with the way you look. Sunny Smiles is prepared to work with you on finding the right approach to your smile makeover. We can find the shortest path to your ideal smile, one that minimizes changes to your tooth structure. Because we offer more than one procedure that is capable of making several changes at one time, you may be able to see all of your desired improvements after undergoing a single treatment!

We Can Recommend Treatments That Address Specific Concerns

There are many different concerns that people may express when they look into cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes, their problems are not directly related to their teeth. For someone with bulky, excessive gum tissues or tissues that give their smile an uneven look, we can actually recommend a gum contouring procedure. In other cases, we can recommend treatment options for problems with tooth shape and size, concerns about dental discoloration, or problems with teeth that are not evenly spaced or aligned.

Reviewing Your Options For Cosmetic Treatment

There are several treatment options available if you want to change your smile. Gum contouring treatment and teeth whitening treatment are both capable of targeting specific areas of concern. For people who want to make several changes at one time, we can recommend porcelain veneers or a tooth bonding and contouring treatment. Both of these services are capable of changing the shape, size, and color of teeth. Veneers require more preparatory work, but they provide restorations that are more durable, so your results are easier to preserve. Depending on how many teeth you wish to restore, a tooth bonding and contouring procedure is something we may be able to complete in just one visit!

Will Poor Oral Health Make A Smile Makeover Inaccessible To Me?

Can oral health issues interfere with your plans to change your smile? In some cases, restorative treatment is the only way to proceed and make desired improvements. For example, if your smile is incomplete, prosthetic dental work will have to occur to make it whole again. If you have teeth that are damaged by decay, or if another issue leaves them in poor health and in need of restorative dental work, we can still address your smile concerns. This is because we offer dental crowns that match the appearance of healthy teeth and provide smile improvements.

Discuss A Smile Makeover At Sunny Smiles!

Sunny Smiles is prepared to help you show off exciting smile improvements! What you can find as you look into treatment is that your ideal improvements can be easier to enjoy than you think possible. To find out more, please call our dentist’s office on Dyer St in El Paso, TX at 915-859-7000.