Tell Your Dentist If Tooth Pain Interferes With Your Bite

What stands between you and your favorite meal? For someone with an untreated tooth injury or serious cavity, persistent pain and sensitivity can make every meal difficult to enjoy. You should know that in addition to making it more difficult to bite and chew, tooth pain can be a warning that your tooth’s health is going to continually worsen until it cannot be saved! At Sunny Smiles, we can evaluate you to see what kind of treatment we need to perform for your tooth. The right restorative dental procedure can resolve active problems, and we can end treatment by capping your tooth with a custom restoration that gives you functional and cosmetic support.

Persistent Or Serious Tooth Pain Should Not Be Ignored

If you have tooth pain that interferes with your daily life, or a discomfort that persists for an extended period of time, take the matter seriously and see your dentist. The problem can point to an infection, which will worsen in time if you do not undergo care. Eventually, an infection will become serious enough to leave your dentist with no option but to extract the tooth. Our practice is prepared to see you, even if you need attention with little advance notice. For serious discomfort, you can set up an emergency dental appointment and see someone promptly.

You May Need A Root Canal For An Infected Tooth

Internal problems lead to tooth pain, as the inner chamber of the tooth (the pulp) contains living tissues. During a root canal procedure, we will remove infected and damaged tissues to both stop your discomfort and prevent the further spread of bacteria. A root canal can be avoided if you undergo cavity treatment before your tooth becomes infected. However, it can become an urgent need after a serious tooth injury, as enamel damage can expose you to an infection.

Will My Tooth Look Different After Treatment?

We use appearance-friendly dental fillings and dental crowns to restore patients’ teeth. Because of this, we can preserve your appearance even when your dental trouble calls for more than cosmetic dental work. While they can provide appearance-friendly solutions to dental problems, these restorations are also capable of preserving your bite function, as they can hold up against bite forces that you generate while you eat.

Sunny Smiles Can Help You Deal With Persistent Tooth Pain

Persistent tooth pain is not something you want to ignore. If the problem causing your discomfort is not addressed, your oral health can worsen to the point where your tooth cannot be saved. If you have questions about our services, or if you want to discuss treatment for active discomfort, please contact Sunny Smiles at our Dyer St location in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.