Problems Linked To Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Are you starting to experience oral health problems because your wisdom teeth are trying to move into place? Our wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last to erupt, and they often do not arrive until a person is close to grown or already an adult. Unfortunately, their arrival is often not a welcome development. People often lack space for their wisdom teeth; because there is not enough space, these teeth become impacted as they try to erupt, which means they shift and do not move in place properly. Eventually, impacted wisdom teeth can cause issues with swelling, soreness, and sensitivity. They can also do damage to neighboring teeth, and may cause your rows of teeth to shift! Sunny Smiles has experience helping patients deal with their wisdom teeth arrival, even when they are already dealing with complications from impacted teeth.

People Often Lack Space For Their Wisdom Teeth

Why is wisdom teeth removal such a common occurrence? For many people, this is necessary because their mouths simply do not hold enough space for these teeth. When wisdom teeth start to arrive, they can shift or only partially erupt because of interference from their neighboring molars. If this happens, long-term oral health issues can result. Fortunately, your dentist can keep you informed about their development and advise early removal. Our practice can also work with you by performing minor oral surgery to remove teeth that are already impacted.

Problems Associated With Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth lack the space to erupt properly, they can end up pressing against their neighbors, damaging teeth and causing problems with crowding. Because of this, your smile can look uneven or awkwardly spaced. Damage to neighboring molars can also make restorative dental work necessary – to protect broken teeth, we may have to place dental crowns. As wisdom teeth continue to move, they can cause ongoing pain and sensitivity issues, and you can experience concerns about swelling and sensitivity.

Regular Dental Checkups Provide Early Warnings About Potential Oral Health Issues

At regular dental exams, you receive warnings about more than just cavities and gum disease! We can perform regular checks on the status of your wisdom teeth, and alert you if they need to be taken out. This early detection can lead to their removal before complications occur. Through minor oral surgery, we can reveal the teeth and take them out safely. By doing so, we protect neighboring teeth and do not put your smile alignment at risk.

Discuss Concerns About Impacted Wisdom Teeth At Sunny Smiles!

If your wisdom teeth are not removed in time, you can struggle with many oral health concerns, and you may even experience cosmetic problems. To find out more about how we can take care of you, please contact Sunny Smiles at our Dyer St location in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.