Month: November 2020

Why A Root Canal Is Needed To Stop A Tooth Infection

A cavity can be addressed before your tooth becomes infected. Many people will have decay dealt with by their dentist while the damage to their tooth structure only affects a portion of their enamel. At this point, the bacteria and damaged tissues will be removed, and the tooth will be restored with the placement of… Read more »

Should You Seek TMJ Therapy For Frequent Headaches?

Frequent headaches can have many causes. With that said, if you experience an increase in headaches while also noticing unpleasant changes with painful or stiff jaw movement, an increase in teeth grinding, or sensitivity in your face and jaw, you should say something to your dentist. During a routine dental examination at Sunny Smiles, you… Read more »

3 Problems That Can Be Identified During A Dental Checkup

By choosing to go without the support of regular dental exams, you deprive yourself of important feedback about the state of your smile and overall oral health. At every checkup, you are checked for the different issues that can call for treatment. When they go untreated, the complications that occur can have significant long-term consequences… Read more »

3 Things To Remember During A Dental Emergency

It may be difficult to stay calm during a dental emergency, as you can experience both pain and alarm over how your injury has changed your smile. With that said, the problem can be more easily resolved than you initially fear. Patients at Sunny Smiles can contact us to schedule emergency dental work when they… Read more »

How Much Dental Work Will A Smile Makeover Involve?

If there is a considerable difference between your smile’s current appearance and the way you would like it to look, you can be eager to learn what cosmetic dental work can do for you. Many people are excited by the idea of making changes to their appearance, but may not move forward because they worry… Read more »

Children’s Dentistry Helps Growing Smiles Stay Healthy

Young children depend on their parents for both dental and general health care. Until they are old enough to comfortably maneuver a toothbrush on their own, kids need assistance with basic brushing and flossing, making your role in their oral hygiene an active one! As important as you are to protecting their growing smile, you… Read more »

What You Ought To Know About Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you feel dissatisfied with your appearance because your teeth are dull or discolored, you can bring up the matter during a dental visit. During a routine dental checkup, or during a scheduled consultation to discuss cosmetic dentistry, you can ask questions about the benefits of a teeth whitening treatment. People who begin to worry… Read more »

Your Toothache Could Be A Serious Oral Health Problem

A toothache is not an easily ignored problem. With that said, those who choose to try and ignore their discomfort can experience more complications with their oral health as their tooth’s condition worsens. Waiting too long for treatment can actually lead to that tooth’s loss! If you have a problem with an aching or sensitive… Read more »

Our Dental Office Takes Appointments On Saturdays!

If you want to protect yourself against problems like dental decay and gum disease, you should stay consistent with both daily and professional oral health care. Brushing and flossing are important, but it can be difficult to completely protect yourself against plaque and tartar buildup without your regular dental cleanings. In the event that a… Read more »

3 Cosmetic Issues We Can Take Care Of With Dental Veneers

Patients who feel unhappy with the way they look can have negative feelings about their smile even when they are not experiencing any oral health issues. If your teeth are healthy, but you still wish to make changes to them, you can make an appointment to discuss cosmetic dental work. A successful procedure can require… Read more »