Why A Root Canal Is Needed To Stop A Tooth Infection

A cavity can be addressed before your tooth becomes infected. Many people will have decay dealt with by their dentist while the damage to their tooth structure only affects a portion of their enamel. At this point, the bacteria and damaged tissues will be removed, and the tooth will be restored with the placement of a dental filling. With that said, there will be many patients who will not realize they need cavity treatment until the damage is severe enough to cause an infection and require root canal therapy. If you are experiencing symptoms of an infection, you can contact Sunny Smiles to arrange treatment. In addition to restoring your tooth’s health by performing a root canal, we can make plans to place a dental crown in order to give your tooth lasting protection.

How Can You Tell If Your Tooth Is Infected?

Even if you are unsure what the cause might be, you should take tooth pain seriously if it does not cease after a short time. While brief periods of discomfort can stem from problems like sinus infections, a discomfort that lingers can be a warning that you have an infection that needs to be resolved. Other issues that can be linked to infection include swelling around the tooth, a change in its color, or a rise in sensitivity when eating or drinking certain foods.

Scheduling Your Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure will first see your dentist carefully access the tooth’s pulp, the central chamber of the tooth where the nerves are located. Once this area is accessed, bacteria and infected tissues are carefully removed to stop the spread of your infection. After the pulp is fully cleaned, it can be sealed to protect you from further harm. After the treatment is finished, a custom dental crown will be placed to protect your tooth.

Tips To Help You Avoid A Tooth Infection

If you attend dental exams on a regular basis, your dentist can identify evidence of a cavity before an infection forms. This can preserve more of your tooth structure, and it can also limit how much work has to be done to restore your tooth. By sticking with your daily routine, avoiding foods and drinks that raise your cavity risk, and being consistent with dental exams, you are less likely to develop a cavity that turns into an infection.

You Can Schedule Treatment For A Root Canal At Sunny Smiles

Through root canal treatment, we can stop a dental problem that causes you considerable discomfort and puts you at risk for tooth loss! To learn more about this service, and others that we provide to help you maintain your smile, contact our Sunny Smiles location on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.