Your Toothache Could Be A Serious Oral Health Problem

A toothache is not an easily ignored problem. With that said, those who choose to try and ignore their discomfort can experience more complications with their oral health as their tooth’s condition worsens. Waiting too long for treatment can actually lead to that tooth’s loss! If you have a problem with an aching or sensitive tooth, seek the appropriate restorative dental work as soon as you can. Sunny Smiles is prepared to evaluate your tooth and determine what kind of treatment is required. A root canal procedure can take place to address internal problems causing you discomfort. If necessary, we can bring you in for an emergency dental procedure to address your issues with your tooth on short notice.

Is Your Tooth Sore Or Sensitive Because Of An Advanced Cavity?

Advanced cavities can be a problem for individuals who do not attend regular dental exams. With regular exams scheduled, you will be able to have issues with decay caught and treated early, which can lead to a tooth’s restoration with a dental filling. You may not realize that you have a problem with tooth decay until you start to feel pain or sensitivity as bacteria make their way into your tooth’s pulp. At this point, a root canal will have to occur to stop bacteria from continuing their movement through the roots of your tooth, which can lead to its loss as well as more complications with your infection.

What Treatment For An Advanced Cavity Can Involve

Root canal therapy removes bacteria and infected tissues in your tooth in order to stop the harm being done by bacteria. Your dentist will carefully remove damaged tissues and clean the area before sealing your pulp and making plans to restore the tooth with a dental crown. The placement of a crown will keep the tooth safe, and it will also allow you to bite and chew without problems. If an infection has already spread too far, there may be no way to save the tooth, which means a tooth extraction will have to occur.

Should You Set Up An Emergency Dental Procedure?

If your tooth is in a significant amount of pain, if you are unable to bite and chew properly, or if you are worried your tooth’s condition is worsening to the point where it cannot be saved, you can set up an emergency dental appointment. At this appointment, the tooth will be evaluated and treated to both stop an infection and begin plans to permanently restore it. Emergency visits are also recommended when patients have issues with teeth after physical trauma.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Treatment For Your Toothache

If you have a toothache, make sure you do not try to ignore the problem or put off care. By doing so, you make time for problems to worsen, which can lead to tooth loss and other complications. To find out more about how we can help you in this situation, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.