Month: November 2020

How Wisdom Tooth Extraction Benefits Patients

Under normal circumstances, your dentist will only suggest that a tooth needs to be extracted if its health is poor, and no other restorative dental procedure can address it properly. In the case of our wisdom teeth, we are often told that they should be removed even if there is nothing wrong. The trouble with… Read more »

Our Family Dentist’s Office Helps Patients Of All Ages

Because a person’s oral health needs and challenges can change over time, it is reasonable for you to suspect that you and your kids require different kinds of care in the dentist’s office. However, this does not mean that you need to visit separate practices to make sure everyone has the kind of support they… Read more »

Protect Your Oral Health By Scheduling Teeth Cleanings

Your brushing and flossing habits certainly protect your teeth, but you should rely on more than daily cleanings to keep your smile healthy. By arranging regular teeth cleanings at your dentist’s office, you will have updates about the condition of your smile as well as access to cleanings that can remove tartar buildup as well… Read more »

Smile Improvements You Can See After Cosmetic Dentistry

While many people are interested in some kind of cosmetic smile improvements, the kinds of changes they want to see can vary. Before you commit to treatment, you may worry that the improvements you hope to see are not obtainable, or that they might require several procedures to complete. Cosmetic dentistry can be effective under… Read more »