How Wisdom Tooth Extraction Benefits Patients

Under normal circumstances, your dentist will only suggest that a tooth needs to be extracted if its health is poor, and no other restorative dental procedure can address it properly. In the case of our wisdom teeth, we are often told that they should be removed even if there is nothing wrong. The trouble with wisdom teeth is that we tend to have too little space to accommodate them. As a result, they cause crowding, and they may become impacted. Sunny Smiles can let you know if your wisdom teeth are creating problems for you, or if extraction is recommended in order to avoid problems.

Many People Lack The Space For Their Wisdom Teeth

Our mouths are often too small to make space for our wisdom teeth. Because of this, their arrival can actually be painful, as they can press against neighboring teeth. In addition to causing crowding problems, this can cause teeth to become crowded, which can negatively change your smile. By recognizing when extraction should take place in time, your dentist can have these teeth removed before they create long-term problems for you.

Scheduling Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If too much time passes before your wisdom teeth are removed, they can become impacted, and they can also make trouble for their neighbors. It may be necessary to perform oral surgery so that these teeth can be accessed and removed before there are complications that must be addressed. Once the tooth is revealed, your dentist can take care to remove it without creating issues for your gums or other teeth. While extractions of other teeth lead to the need to plan prosthetic dental work, there will not be a need to replace wisdom teeth when they are removed.

How Can I Tell If It Is Time To Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

By scheduling regular dental exams, you ensure that you will have regular checkups where your dentist can look out for signs that your wisdom teeth are beginning to come in. The issue can be caught early, you can learn what your options for treatment are, and you can have work done before there are complications that lead to the need for several treatments. This is certainly not the only benefit to regular dental checkups – after all, you are advised to keep seeing your dentist even after they are removed! However, it is one of many reasons that patients should take care to consistently schedule preventive services.

Arrange Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction At Sunny Smiles

When it appears that your wisdom teeth should be extracted, Sunny Smiles can bring you in to have them safely removed so that they do not cause problems for you. Our practice has helped many people in and around El Paso, TX with this and other services. To learn more about us, call our dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.