Smile Improvements You Can See After Cosmetic Dentistry

While many people are interested in some kind of cosmetic smile improvements, the kinds of changes they want to see can vary. Before you commit to treatment, you may worry that the improvements you hope to see are not obtainable, or that they might require several procedures to complete. Cosmetic dentistry can be effective under many circumstances, and people who want to correct several flaws can learn that a single treatment is all they need to enjoy an exciting smile makeover. After you review your options for treatment, you and your dentist can discuss what approach to treatment might be appropriate for achieving your desired changes.

What Changes Would You Like To See From A Procedure?

People generally want to show off teeth that are bright, straight, and free of visible wear and tear or damage. Gradual changes can hurt the way you look, as you can have teeth that appear misshapen, or reveal chips and cracks in your enamel when smiling. Even if your teeth are healthy, they can appear dull and discolored because of accumulated stains that you have picked up. While effective brushing can help you clear away particles that will settle in your enamel and change your smile color, discoloration can be an issue even for those who do a good job preventing the formation of cavities.

Arranging Your Cosmetic Treatment

The right cosmetic procedure for you can help you see your desired changes in less time, and with less work, than you anticipate. By placing porcelain veneers on your teeth, we can make your smile brighter, hide problems with wear and tear, and even restore teeth that are damaged. We can also make specific changes to teeth through tooth bonding and contouring work. This treatment can produce the results you want in as little as one appointment, making it a surprisingly convenient and conservative approach to big smile changes. For those who are not worried about the shape or condition of their teeth, but hope to make their smile brighter, we can provide a custom teeth whitening treatment to use at home.

Cosmetic Problems Can Occur Because Of Poor Oral Health

Cosmetic problems can sometimes call for restorative dental work. For example, a chipped or cracked tooth may need to be fitted with a dental crown to keep it safe, as the extra support from the crown can be necessary for providing bite support. It is also possible that changes in a tooth’s color are related to infection or an injury, which will require restorative services instead of cosmetic care.

Discuss Cosmetic Dentistry At Sunny Smiles!

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