Month: April 2020

How Do We Restore Damaged Teeth?

When a tooth is damaged, you need to let us know. With emergency dental care, your El Paso, TX, dentists can help repair these issues and avoid the onset of complications like cavities or dental infection. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how we repair smiles with lifelike and durable dental restorations.

Could Stress Lead To Teeth Grinding?

With quarantines, stay at home orders, and people finding themselves furloughed or trying to homeschool their kids, stress is at an all-time high. However, stress is also linked to a serious oral health issue known as bruxism. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists are talking about how to safeguard your smile, and what… Read more »

Understanding The Dangers Of Plaque Buildup

Tooth decay and gum disease are very different oral health concerns, but they do have one thing in common: They are often the result of plaque buildup. While a dental cleaning can remove this buildup, we’re limiting treatments to emergency care only. Fortunately, your El Paso, TX, dentists have a few ideas for limiting your… Read more »

Help Your Kids Keep Their Teeth Healthy

Now that your kids are home, and staying in when possible, boredom is likely to lead to urges to snack, or them forgetting to brush and floss their teeth. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists talk about what kids can do to keep their smiles healthy, and how certain snacks could increase the… Read more »

When To See Us For Emergency Dentistry

Our office is currently closed to help protect people in our community from COVID-19. However, if our patients encounter a dental emergency, then your El Paso, TX, dentists can offer help with emergency dental care. In today’s blog, find out when you should contact us, and the methods we use to restore and repair smiles… Read more »

Choosing Healthier Snacks For Your Family

We’ve recently talked a lot about emergency dentistry, and even tips for keeping your smile healthy from home. But aside from brushing and flossing, which we’ll go over again in today’s blog, we’re also going to look at how to choose healthier snack options! Smile healthy snacks and drinks can help lower your risk of… Read more »

The Benefits Of Flossing Each Night

Our last blog focused on brushing our teeth, from picking the right toothbrush to how often. But you don’t need to just brush your teeth, you also need to clean where your toothbrush’s bristles cannot reach. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists will talk about flossing and how this simple routine can help… Read more »

Picking Your Perfect Toothbrush

Staying inside means you help slow the spread of COVID-19 and safeguard the health of your community. But since you can’t attend routine preventive treatments, like checkups and cleanings, you need to continue to care for your smile from home. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists are talking about proper brushing!

What Should I Do After A Dental Emergency?

When you face a dental emergency, what do you do? In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists look at common emergency scenarios, and discusses how to respond to them. We also want to remind our patients that we’re still here to address these concerns, and return your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty… Read more »

How To Safeguard Smiles Of All Ages From Home

Now that you and your loved ones are spending time indoors and avoiding large gatherings, you may find yourself slipping on your normal daily routines. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists want to talk about better home habits to protect your oral health and prevent the onset of serious concerns.