Choosing Healthier Snacks For Your Family

We’ve recently talked a lot about emergency dentistry, and even tips for keeping your smile healthy from home. But aside from brushing and flossing, which we’ll go over again in today’s blog, we’re also going to look at how to choose healthier snack options! Smile healthy snacks and drinks can help lower your risk of developing tooth decay.

The Link Between Sugar and Tooth Decay

When we eat or drink items high in sugar, this leaves particles behind on or between the teeth. Over time, bacteria will break down these bits of sugar. In the process, oral acidity rises and the teeth become coated in a bacterial byproduct known as plaque. This buildup could potentially weaken and erode the outer enamel, leading to cavities, or irritate and inflame gum tissues, boosting the risks of gingivitis and gum disease. Which means choosing healthy snacks and meals could be very beneficial for your smile.

Healthy Foods and Snacks

Try to cut back on sugary products, like candies or sweets. Remember that some seemingly healthy choices, like dried fruit, contain no water to rinse away the sugar particles the way fresh fruit does, and they could cling to the teeth. We suggest adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, whole grain crackers, low-fat yogurts, cheeses, nuts, and sugar-free gum. Not only do these items contain less sugar, many also contain calcium and other vital nutrients that strengthen the smile’s health and beauty.

Better Beverage Choices

Some choices are obviously bad for your smile, such as soda. But energy drinks also contain high amounts of sugar. Sports drinks, which do hydrate and contain electrolytes, also contain a high amount of acids, which weakens outer enamel. Fruit juice is also high in sugar! Enjoy water when you can, and limit sugar beverages. If you do want a soda every now and then, follow it up with a glass of water to help cleanse away the sugar particles.

Other Tips for Healthy Smile

Along with a better diet, we also suggest daily brushing and flossing to help remove the sugar particles. For example, you need to brush when you wake up and before bed, for about two minutes each session. We also suggest making sure your toothpaste contains fluoride. Be sure to floss before bed every night as well!


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