Month: January 2021

What Can You Do To Make Dental Care Easier For Your Kids?

Young children have much to learn about the world. One lesson that will help them preserve their appearance and oral health is one on proper dental hygiene. Until they are around six or seven, kids typically need help with brushing and flossing in order to avoid problems. Even if they are not old enough to… Read more »

Does The Idea Of Root Canal Therapy Make You Nervous?

While you are hardly expected to feel excited by the news you need restorative dental work, you should know that the process of caring for your tooth can be less scary than you realize. Even when you require more involved treatment, like root canal therapy, the matter can be handled carefully so that discomfort and… Read more »

Saturday Office Hours Make Dental Care Easier To Access

Your typical week may lack flexibility, which can make certain tasks harder to address. Unless they are told to follow something different, patients should schedule routine dental exams on a semiannual basis. What can you do if you struggle to find time during the week for an appointment? Falling out of your routine will make… Read more »

What Should You Expect From A Tooth-Colored Filling?

Dental restorations are needed when cavities form, as the decay that develops will permanently damage your tooth structure. Ignoring this damage would leave you vulnerable to infection from oral bacteria, and it can also negatively affect your ability to put bite pressure on a tooth. You can be happy to know that a restoration you… Read more »

Make A Smile Makeover Part Of Your Plans For The New Year

The new year is here, which makes this a great time to start thinking about changes you want to make. For people who feel self-conscious about their smile, cosmetic dentistry can lead to positive changes and a meaningful confidence boost. As you look into the possibility of enjoying a smile makeover, you can find that… Read more »