Does The Idea Of Root Canal Therapy Make You Nervous?

While you are hardly expected to feel excited by the news you need restorative dental work, you should know that the process of caring for your tooth can be less scary than you realize. Even when you require more involved treatment, like root canal therapy, the matter can be handled carefully so that discomfort and changes to your tooth structure are minimized. Sunny Smiles can recommend treatment via root canal therapy when it is necessary. In addition to addressing an active oral health issue, we can provide a restoration for a tooth to keep it safe and preserve the way that it looks. If you ignore problems that require this kind of service, you can end up experiencing complications that include chronic pain, tooth loss, and the spread of bacteria.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Root canal therapy is not always a part of restorative dental treatment. This service becomes necessary when problems within a tooth form. This can stem from difficulties with an advanced cavity, or it can be connected to a tooth injury that damages your pulp or exposes it to bacteria. A root canal procedure will carefully remove bacteria and damaged tissues to stop an active health issue, and to remove the risk of bacteria spreading through the tooth.

Ignoring A Dental Health Issue Can Lead To Serious Consequences

A root canal will stop a problem that causes discomfort and sensitivity, which means this procedure can actually make you more comfortable. However, because it is a more involved form of restorative treatment, many people hesitate to arrange it. If you put off this procedure, you make yourself vulnerable to alarming complications, including tooth loss! A tooth will not be able to manage problems with internal infection or damage naturally. While the matter will not heal, it will worsen gradually, leading to complications.

How Can I Avoid Root Canal Therapy In The Future?

We want patients to know that their tooth can be safely restored, and that their comfort can be prioritized when they come in for a root canal. With that said, our office can help you avoid oral health issues that call for this or other forms of restorative treatment. Regular dental exams provide you with important protection because they lead to the early detection and treatment of problems, and because they provide regular teeth cleanings that remove tartar from your enamel.

You Can Arrange Root Canal Therapy At Sunny Smiles

While restorative dental work is not something you have to look forward to, it is not something that you should avoid when you have an active oral health issue. Through treatment, we can stop a potentially serious issue from worsening and causing more trouble for your oral health. To find out more, please contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.