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Learn How to Prevent Tooth Loss

If one or several older members of your family have lost teeth, then you might consider yourself more at-risk for losing teeth yourself. In some ways, this is true. For example, predispositions for conditions that lead to tooth loss, such as gum disease, can often be hereditary. However, losing teeth isn’t in itself something that… Read more »

Things that Happen When You Ignore Tooth Loss

In some ways, tooth loss is natural. For instance, if you ignore a dental disease, then the consequences of it will naturally lead to the loss of your teeth. However, it isn’t natural in the same sense as aging. Unlike growing older, you can largely prevent tooth loss from occurring with proper care and maintenance,… Read more »

Important Facts About Losing a Tooth

As dental health care has advanced over the centuries, people have realized that tooth loss isn’t something that has to be inevitable. In fact, with proper care and maintenance (and appropriate dental treatment, when necessary), most people have an excellent chance of avoiding tooth loss altogether. However, it still remains a problem for a majority… Read more »

3 Solutions for Dealing with Tooth Loss

Preventing tooth loss is easier these days than it’s ever been, but it still occurs often enough to be a significant problem. For patients  in El Paso, TX, we offer several different solutions for dealing with tooth loss, each one customized specifically for each individual patient’s unique needs and preferences. Whether you’ve lost a single… Read more »

Things that Might Surprise You About Tooth Loss

There’s a lot of information out there about tooth loss, but much of it is false, such as the fact that it occurs naturally as you age. The truth is that tooth loss is more common than it should be, and with the right care and maintenance, patients can often prevent the most common causes… Read more »

How Do I Prevent Tooth Loss from Happening?

The good news about tooth loss is that it isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be. With fewer options for replacing lost teeth and rudimentary technology, dentists of the past were limited in their ability to design appropriate prostheses. Today, however, custom restorations can rebuild virtually any smile. In addition, advanced… Read more »

Why Dentures Are Better with Dental Implants

If you’ve lost all of your teeth on both of your dental ridges, then you may have concerns about whether dental implants can restore such extensive damage. The truth is, complete tooth loss is even more reason to consider supporting your denture or dentures on dental implants. They can prevent the continuing recession of your… Read more »

Who Qualifies for Dentures?

Replacing lost teeth has been an important goal of dental treatment for centuries, and dentures are among the oldest forms of tooth replacement. Today, dentures have come a long way in their design, their diversity, and their ability to rebuild your smile and dental health. For instance, modern dentures can be custom-designed to replace an… Read more »

The Common Causes of Adult Tooth Loss

It happens so often as people get older that you might not even question it. But there are specific reasons for every case of adult tooth loss, and age is never one of them. In fact, the most common cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease—a condition that often results from inadequate hygiene and… Read more »