How Often Should Dental Checkups Occur?

There are measures you can take to protect your teeth and gums. When you make the right choices with your diet, and you take care of your smile by brushing and flossing thoroughly, you lower your risks for problems with your health. As important as these efforts are, make sure you have professional support as well as support through your daily routine. Sunny Smiles provides thorough examinations and dental cleanings to patients who come in for routine care. Because we provide these services to patients of all ages, we can prove to be your ideal destination for family dental services. In addition to providing helpful feedback about the state of your smile, we can identify signs of poor health that might require further treatment.

Regular Checkups Should Happen On A Semiannual Basis

The work you put into caring for your smile is important, but you should not see it as a replacement for dental visits. Unless told to do otherwise by your dentist, you should have a routine review every six months. These semiannual appointments provide you with valuable feedback about the health of your smile, and they provide teeth cleanings that help you control risks by removing plaque and tartar. For both children and adults, preventive dental services can have long-term benefits, as the care you undergo will help you stay free of problems that might require restorative dental work.

What Services Are Provided During A Typical Appointment?

Regular appointments provide both teeth cleanings and examinations. Cleanings will remove plaque and tartar deposits to lower your risk for cavities and gum disease. You can effectively remove plaque as the deposits begin to form, but once they harden and form tartar, you can be stuck with the buildup until your next teeth cleaning takes place. Your regular checkups provide warnings about tooth decay and gum disease, and they also address other problems that can impact your quality of life, such as a problem with teeth grinding, or difficulties with limited or uneven bite movement.

Arranging Treatment For A Problem Identified During A Checkup

Once a problem is found during a checkup, your dentist can talk to you about treatment. Restorative dental services address problems with dental decay and damage to your tooth structure. Your care can take the form treatment with a dental filling, or it can call for more involved care. Sometimes, advanced care will be needed, which can involve both root canal therapy and the placement of a dental crown.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Scheduling Your Next Dental Checkup

Through regular dental checkups, you can control your risk for problems that can negatively affect your smile. If you want to stay consistent with preventive care, make sure you schedule these appointments on a semiannual basis (unless your dentist recommends a different timeline). Our practice can provide an important range of preventive services, and we can step in to provide treatment if we identify any problems. For more information, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.