Let’s Talk About Cavities

Now that you’re spending a lot of time inside, the urge to snack is growing stronger. Which means we need to pay special attention to what we eat to help avoid the onset of tooth decay. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists will talk about cavities, so you understand how to avoid them and safeguard your smile!

The Dangers of Tooth Decay

When a cavity forms in the smile of kids and adults alike, this could lead to serious discomfort and in some cases, the loss of the tooth altogether! A cavity forms when the enamel, which protects the sensitive inner portions of tooth structure, is weakened due to plaque buildup or injury. The bacteria then reach the inner portions of dentin, allowing decay to form. Over time, the decay actually spreads through the tooth, causing the cavity to grow more severe and increasing the risks of painful infections. Warning signs may include tooth sensitivity and toothaches!

Prevention From Home

To help prevent them, try to reduce the severity of plaque buildup until we can offer a dental cleaning again. To do this, you need to watch what you eat and take better care of your smile. Try to cut back on sugary foods and drinks, which leaves behind particles that feed harmful bacteria. We also suggest taking steps to remove trapped food particles with brushing and flossing. You should brush your teeth when you wake up and again before bed for about two minutes each session. Be sure you use a fluoride toothpaste too, as this strengthens outer enamel. Each night we suggest flossing in between in each tooth as well, as this removes what a toothbrush alone cannot reach.

When to Seek Emergency Care

If you notice persistent pain in a tooth, let us know. This could point to an advanced cavity or an infection that needs attention. We don’t want you to lose a tooth or continue to experience pain, so we can use a filling to address a cavity in one visit, or a root canal treatment to remove infected tissues and restore a tooth. We complete the root canal with a crown placement to ensure a lifelike appearance and strong restoration. If you have any questions about avoiding cavities, or about when to seek emergency care from your El Paso, TX, dentists, then contact our team today.


At Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX, our team wants to help you enjoy optimal oral health by keeping cavities at bay. To learn more about avoiding the onset of cavities, then contact your El Paso, TX, dentists at Sunny Smiles on Dyer Street by calling 915-859-7000.