Reshaping Damaged Teeth Through Bonding

damaged teeth sunny smiles el paso txYou use your smile every day to each, chew, and speak, and that means that over time, you might lose some tooth mass. If you’ve experienced slight chips in your teeth over the years, take the time to talk to your dentist about your possibilities in repair. Even though you cannot regrow your enamel, there are options through cosmetic dentistry to help you renew your smile. Don’t let damaged teeth hold you back, ask a trusted team of dental professionals about how bonding or porcelain veneers could increase the mass of the injured teeth while looking natural.

With our team of cosmetic dental experts at Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX, you can revitalize your smile after experiencing damage to one or more of your natural teeth. We understand that life happens, and sometimes that spells an injury to a tooth, and we are here for helpful repair with dental bonding or porcelain veneers. These techniques can also be effective in renewing a smile after tooth decay, so talk to our team about enhancing your appearance with veneers or bonding. To find out more, give us a call today and schedule a time for a consultation!

Broken A Tooth? Talk To Your Dentist About Your Next Steps

If you have recently cracked or chipped one of your natural teeth, then your first step should be to call your dentist for an examination. They can help you to understand the extent of your damage and give you an idea of your next moves in repair. Sometimes, this might mean a dental crown, but in other instances, the injury might simply be cosmetic. If so, dental bonding or porcelain veneers might be your solution to reach a more attractive smile.

Bonding Or Veneers For Repair Of Damaged Teeth?

Every smile is unique, and that means that our team takes a look at your appointment at your options. This way, you can know more about your decisions in your cosmetic dentistry experience. For some, cosmetic bonding is the way to go, and others prefer the comprehensive and lasting benefits of porcelain veneers. Talk to your dentist about the differences between the two, and ask about how these changes could affect your smile. Dental bonding uses a composite resin to create new material, whereas veneers use a thin layer (traditionally with porcelain, but other options exist) to form a new tooth surface. Each has their own advantages, so be sure to talk to your dentist about renewing your smile.

Find Out More With Sunny Smiles!

If you are tired of covering up your smile in photos, talk to our team about making a change. To learn more about improving damaged teeth with bonding or porcelain veneers, call our front desk at Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX, today at 915.759.7000.