Why Kids Need To See The Dentist

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In yesterday’s blog, we mentioned that it is important to see your dentist biannually for a checkup. These routine visits are just as important for kids as they are for adults! Your Sunny Smiles team is here today to explain the many benefits of preventive dental care for kids. By starting at a young age, you can help your child learn the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums.

Start An Oral Hygiene Routine At Home

You can bring your little one in for their first dentist trip around the age of one. Before this, though, you can begin by including oral hygiene as a regular part of their daily routine. You can start by cleaning their gums every day before their first set of teeth develops. Once their baby teeth begin to erupt, you can start to brush them for your little one. As your child develops their fine motor skills, they may want to do this by themselves. Make sure to supervise this or brush alongside them to ensure they are cleaning their teeth properly and that you are setting a positive example. If your young one finds this routine difficult, you can try to make the experience more fun by playing music or turning it into a game.

When It’s Time For Their First Checkups

As mentioned earlier, you can bring them in for their first appointment around the age of one. By this time, they have developed their first baby tooth. Your dentist will use this as a time to meet your child and help them feel comfortable with the team. After this, regular biannual appointments can be made for your child. These can help promote good habits and track the development of their smile. Early pediatric visits can help reduce the chances of your child developing dental-related anxiety and fear. Our team will do their best to ensure your kid has a positive experience at the dentist. To make scheduling easier, you can book appointments for all of your family members on the same day.

Treating Common Concerns

Tooth decay is a common problem for young patients. While preventive steps can help reduce the chances of a cavity forming, it is likely that your kid will have one at some point. When this happens, it is important that they get a dental filling as soon as possible, even if it is on a primary tooth. Leaving decay untreated can allow it to worsen and further erode your tooth, which can cause discomfort and sensitivity.

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