The Importance Of Early Care

El Paso, TX dentist offers dentistry for children

In our last blog, we talked about how checkups can protect you from common dental problems. This is true for your child, too. Along with regular cleanings, you should be helping your little one care for their smiles at home. This can help prevent cavities and ensure they have healthy smiles. In today’s blog, your El Paso, Texas, dentist is here to help you teach your little one the best habits that they can create for a lifetime.

During Their First Visit

Your child’s dentist appointments can start as soon as they grow their first teeth. This will be around the age of six months to a year old. Even when your child has only a few teeth, you should make it a habit to brush their gums and brush the teeth they do have. At their initial visit, they will be able to become comfortable with their dentist. The dentist will examine their gums and oral cavity to make sure that everything is growing properly. You will be in the room with them, so you can ask any questions you may have about your child’s dental health.

Then, around the age of three, their regular checkups can begin. Every six months, they will come in for a cleaning and X-rays. Starting these appointments at a young age has many benefits. They are more likely to stick to these habits if they begin at a young age and be less anxious during dental work, and studies show that kids with good oral hygiene may even perform better at school.

Common Concerns For Young Patients

Like adults, your little ones can have cavities and other dental problems as well. You can assist your child in brushing their teeth to help fight against cavities. If your little one dislikes this part of their routine, you can try different flavored toothpaste to make the process more enjoyable.

Proper hygiene can prevent decay from forming, but if a cavity does form, there are ways to restore the tooth. A filling can be used to remove the decay and protect the tooth from further damage. Gum disease, while not as common in younger patients, can be detected early with regular checkups, too. If your little one struggles with brushing and flossing, their dentist can detect these problems early and offer tips for better hygiene.

Biannual dental visits can keep track of the growth of their teeth, as well. Although we do not offer orthodontic care, we can help prepare your child for braces. If we notice any signs of malocclusion or bite problems, we will utilize retainers or other tools to help guide the teeth and jaw into proper placement. This way, there is enough room available for the adult teeth to adjust properly.

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