Removing Your Tooth Infection

El Paso, TX, Tooth Infection

If you experience a pain in one of your teeth that will not resolve after a day or so, let us know! This symptom may indicate a serious infection that without treatment, risks spreading to other parts of your body. When bacteria in your tooth’s inner chamber enter the bloodstream, they spread the infection in short order. However by identifying foreign material with an X-ray, we can determine if you require a root canal to remove all infected material. Because this procedure permanently alters the surface of your tooth, we can also design a custom dental crown to restore your tooth’s function and appearance above your gumline.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we provide emergency services to repair teeth when you sustain injuries and infections. While no one looks forward to a root canal procedure, this treatment is relatively painless, leading to desirable relief of your infection symptoms. Think of this treatment as the first step in restoring your healthy tooth. With the aid of local anesthetics, we can numb the affected area or provide a stronger form of sedation when you have increased anxiety

When Oral Bacteria Take Hold Of Your Tooth’s Inner Chamber

When a tooth is healthy, its protective enamel layer takes pressure from hundreds of pounds of the force of your bite. However, any injury that compromises this protection opens the sensitive inner layers to bacteria that live inside your mouth. Untreated cavities can burrow deeper into the tooth’s surface and eventually cause serious pain. When the pain strikes, it results from your body’s inflammatory processes swelling tissues that touch sensitive dental nerves. This means it is time to call the dentist and explore treatments to restore your health. By staying on top of your regular checkup schedule, you can prevent decay from leading to this point and identify other physical wear and tear before it becomes serious.

Performing Your Endodontic Therapy

By taking images of the inside of your tooth, we gain a better understanding of the cause of your pain. When bacteria take hold within the tooth’s chamber, a root canal is necessary to stop the progression of your infection. This results in pain relief as well. Using special tools, we enter the tooth’s chamber and clear all decaying material. Placing a material called gutta percha helps seal the inside of the tooth from future infection. To stop bacteria from re-entering through the hole in your enamel, we finish the procedure by placing a dental crown.


To find out more about how we can treat your pain from a dental infection,  contact your Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at (915) 849-9000.