Toothache Relief With Root Canal Therapy

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When you wake up with a toothache that will not resolve after a day or so, you require a dental inspection. This is because a constant ache often indicates a bacterial infection that risks spreading to your bloodstream without treatment. We can perform an X-ray that detects whether or not foreign material is present in your tooth’s inner chamber. The pain you feel results from the body’s inflammatory response swelling tissues that touch the sensitive nerves within your pulp. By performing a root canal, we remove the infectious material and your inflammation subsides. Because this procedure permanently changes your tooth’s structure, you require a dental crown to restore your bite following root canal therapy.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand that no one looks forward to a root canal. That is why it is important to understand how critical this procedure can be in relieving your pain. The application of local anesthetic means that you should feel little to no additional pain when removing your infection. The movement of our tools is perceived as pressure rather than pain. We can also discuss the use of dental sedation to relieve anxiety if you feel nervous about this treatment.

How Tooth Infection Compromises Your Smile’s Strength

When your smile is healthy, it enjoys the protection of an outer enamel layer that prevents oral bacteria from accessing more sensitive areas. This material is the hardest inside your body, designed to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure from your bite every day. But when an injury compromises this structure, the insides of your teeth become exposed to strains of bacteria that live within your mouth. By reporting any injury to your dentist right away, we can perform repairs with dental fillings, crowns, and bonding to prevent chips and cracks from leading to infection. However, you should let us know right away if you do develop consistent pain in a tooth and we will inspect its cause.

Relieving Your Pain With A Root Canal

When your X-rays reveal the presence of bacterial infection, we will suggest performing a root canal to clear all decaying material from the tooth. By accessing the inner chamber of your tooth, we can end your body’s inflammatory response by cleaning the foreign infection. By taking custom measurements of your bite and surrounding teeth, we can create a dental crown that covers the entire visible portion of your tooth after the root canal. This restoration returns your biting ability with a completely natural look!


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