Implant Dentures In One Visit With All-On-Four

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When you have lost most, or all, of your teeth, then you may need a set of dental implant dentures. For people with weakened jawbones, we can secure a complete smile un one visit. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists talk about the benefits of All-On-Four dental implant dentures.

The Loss of Jawbone Density

When you lose a number of your natural teeth and delay seeking treatment, this could mean your body suspends the flow of calcium and phosphates to the jawbone around your missing teeth. Over time, this means these areas lose mass and density, breaking down to cause further tooth loss and a prematurely aged appearance. This could also mean that in order to support dental implants, you need to undergo laser surgery, with grafting and sinus lifts necessary to provide enough structure for your new roots. But with All-On-Four, our team can secure fixed dentures even if you have weakened jawbone structure.

The All-On-Four System

With All-On-Four, we use only four small implant posts per arch, which are set at an angle and position that requires less structure than traditional posts to remain in place. The body then sees these as new tooth roots, and this stimulates the growth of structure to keep the jaw strong and ensure your new roots can last for decades to come, maybe even a lifetime. We then attach abutments to the post and use them to connect your custom-made denture in the same visit. You leave the office with a full smile, and one that will look and function like natural teeth.

Long Term Benefits

By addressing your severe tooth loss, you can gain the ability to eat your favorite foods and improve your nutritional intake, as you’re no longer limited to only soft food items. In addition, you can speak without complication again and smile without hesitation. Since the implant post strengthens the jaw, you can maintain this smile for many years to come, and avoid the complications of untreated tooth loss.

If you have multiple missing teeth, then let us know right away. We’re ready to see you and find out which prosthetic option is best for your smile. If you have any questions about the All-On-Four system, then contact our team today to schedule a consultation. We’re ready to help you smile with confidence again!


Our team wants to help you smile without hesitation, which is why we offer individual dental implants and even a full set of fixed dentures. If you’re ready to schedule a visit and obtain a new smile, then contact our Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at 915-849-9000.