TMJ Disorder And Teeth Grinding Issues

How can you tell if you need to do something about poor joint alignment? When you struggle with TMJ disorder, there are several uncomfortable warning signs. They include problems with joint stiffness and pain, trouble with your bite movement, and headache issues. These are not all that you have to worry about. Many people experience teeth grinding issues alongside their problems with TMJ disorder. At Sunny Smiles, we can offer support to help you move past this issue. Through the appropriate treatment for your jaw issues, we can ease discomfort and improve alignment, which can have long-term advantages. Appliance therapy can help with this as well as problems with teeth grinding that need to be controlled.

Will Poor Jaw Alignment Put You At Risk For Teeth Grinding Issues?

The trouble you experience with poor jaw alignment and movement can be difficult to ignore. Unfortunately, many people will experience concerns about TMJ disorder; for some, it is a consequence of poor movement habits, while others may have this issue because of poor dental alignment, a recent injury, or another problem that can affect the joints and the movement of your jaw. Teeth grinding issues are often traced back to TMJ disorder, but we should note that either of these issues can lead to you experiencing the other.

Using Appliance Therapy To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Appliance therapy refers to treatment with a custom oral guard to help with a problem like TMJ disorder or bruxism. The guard that you receive will be specially made by your dentist. That custom fit can ensure that the appliance remains in place, and it can also ensure that the right adjustments are made to help your jaw remain comfortable. For people with bruxism, appliance therapy stops nightly teeth grinding and clenching. To correct TMJ issues, appliance therapy helps guide the lower jaw so that it remains in a better position.

What Can You Do About Teeth That Have Been Damaged By Bruxism?

Through both cosmetic dental work and restorative dentistry, we can take on problems with teeth that are linked to habitual grinding and clenching. Cosmetic work is appropriate when damage is visible but not serious enough to impact your oral health. If we are worried about your dental function or health, we can offer support with dental crowns.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Addressing TMJ Disorder And Teeth Grinding Issues

Both TMJ disorder and teeth grinding can become a problem for your daily life. The sooner you deal with them, the less likely you are to experience unwelcome complications. For more information on how we can address these issues and protect your smile, contact Sunny Smiles on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.