Cosmetic Dentistry For Enamel Wear And Tear

As the years pass, you can observe less than welcome changes in your smile caused by enamel wear and tear. Even if your teeth remain healthy, the problems with your appearance can lead to discomfort. Fortunately, issues with wear and tear can be addressed with conservative cosmetic services that improve your appearance. When you discuss your concerns with your Sunny Smiles dentist, you can learn what the right treatment can do to improve the way you look. In some cases, the right treatment to address this issue can be completed in one visit! Of course, we are happy to talk with you about any other concerns about your appearance that you hope to address.

Has Your Smile Changed Because Of Gradual Wear And Tear?

When healthy, our teeth can reliably break down a wide range of foods, including some that are relatively tough. As time passes, the friction from biting and chewing can lead to a change in their appearances. For many, these changes can be hard to notice, but for people who are older, or those who have a history of teeth grinding and clenching, the issue can become more apparent and more difficult to accept. Fortunately, the right cosmetic dental procedure can hide these flaws, leading to a real improvement in confidence! We can explain your different treatment options, which can include conservative tooth bonding and contouring services.

Using A Conservative Cosmetic Procedure To Improve Your Appearance

Tooth bonding and contouring services make changes to teeth by restoring their shape, size, and color. In as little as one appointment, we can carefully improve on your smile by addressing problems with wear and tear. The contouring process can restore the appearances of teeth that appear jagged or uneven, and it can provide a solution for any issues with teeth that appear too large. Dental bonding work can correct issues with damaged enamel, reshape teeth, and improve on their color.

What Else Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do For Your Smile?

Cosmetic dental work can take on a wide range of concerns. As an alternative to bonding and contouring, you can explore the benefits of having porcelain veneers placed. These restorations can take more time and require more changes to your tooth structure, but they can hide esthetic flaws while offering a more durable cosmetic solution. Of course, we can also provide teeth whitening services to those who are focused on fixing issues with enamel stains.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Cosmetic Dentistry!

Through the right cosmetic procedure, issues like enamel wear and tear can be a part of your past! If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, reach out to Sunny Smiles on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.