Cosmetic Work Can Cover The Effects Of Dental Wear And Tear

While there is no way to completely avoid an accumulation of wear and tear as time passes, you can be understandably concerned about excessive friction affecting your smile. This can be a problem for people who have issues with the strength of their enamel, those who bite and chew hard substances, and people who struggle with bruxism. If you are starting to notice a change to your appearance based around the buildup of wear and tear, you can talk to your El Paso, TX dentist’s office about using cosmetic dental care to manage the issue. By hiding those changes to the shape of your teeth, you can make your smile look younger, healthier, and generally more attractive!

Wear And Tear Over Time Can Lead To Unattractive Smile Changes

As friction continues to affect teeth, they can become less even, or look worn down. This can make your appearance less uniform, and it may lead to unsightly changes to the shape of teeth that become distracting. Taking care of your teeth by using ADA-approved toothpaste with fluoride can help limit the effect of wear and tear. It can also help to limit unnecessary friction from biting and chewing items like pen caps, or cubes of ice, which people sometimes do out of habit.

Selecting A Cosmetic Treatment To Improve Your Smile

Talking to your dentist about cosmetic dental work can lead to useful information about your options for smile improvement. Porcelain veneers hide esthetic concerns with restorations that are placed on the front of teeth. Unlike dental crowns, veneers only take up a limited amount of space, and only demand a relatively minor amount of work on your tooth structure. You also have the option of making improvements with a bonding and contouring treatment, which can involve a gentle reshaping of teeth, and corrections with a careful application of a durable resin material. Because no permanent restorations are used, it is possible to complete this procedure in as little as one appointment.

Dealing With Bruxism Before You Suffer Serious Dental Damage

Bruxism, a habitual issue with teeth grinding, can become a big issue for your smile. If you are grinding your teeth on a regular basis, particularly while you sleep, you continue to create pressure that can be harmful to your smile. If teeth grinding continues over time, you can actually do damage that will require restorative dental care to address!

Talk To Sunny Smiles In El Paso About Cosmetic Dental Work!

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