Your Smile After Receiving A Dental Filling

When you experience trouble with a cavity, you will need to have work done that both removes unhealthy tissues from your tooth structure and replaces what you have lost. Patients who come to Sunny Smiles for treatment can count on work that both deals with the threat of decay and addresses it in a way that preserves the way they look. This is because we provide restorations that can imitate healthy enamel. When we place dental fillings, we can provide support for a tooth with a material that both bonds to your tooth and imitates it so that you have no issues with your appearance or dental function.

Dental Fillings That Imitate Healthy Teeth Are Available

When you visit our practice for restorative dental work, you can count on care for a cavity that both addresses your oral health needs and takes care of problems without changing the way you look. Dental decay is often treated with dental fillings, which offer the most conservative approach to care. This is because these restorations only cover the area where a cavity damaged your enamel. After removing the damaged tissues, a composite resin substance that adheres directly to your enamel can provide protection so that you can bite and chew without issue, and to ensure that you remain confident in your smile.

Receiving Your Custom Dental Filling

When treating your cavity, we will first tend to the site of the problem. After removing decayed tissues and cleaning this space, we can take steps to protect and preserve the area so that you do not have to worry about physical damage or a new infection. The filling is placed in the area and bonds to the surrounding tissues in a process we can complete in just one appointment. After this is done, you can return to your daily life without concern over your appearance or bite function!

When Treatment Calls For A Dental Crown Instead Of A Filling

There are times when cavities do too much damage to your tooth structure to make fillings effective as treatment options. In these situations, we can respond by placing dental crowns. Crowns are restorations made to cover teeth above the gum line. They are custom-made for patients to ensure that they are the right shape and size. There are different options for treatment, including the option to place a crown made from lifelike materials that preserve your appearance.

Schedule Your Cavity Treatment At Sunny Smiles!

Sunny Smiles is prepared to take care of your smile and oral health in a situation where you have a cavity. Through treatment, we can resolve issues with decay discreetly, which means you can enjoy long-term support and feel comfortable with your bite function as well as your appearance. If you would like to find out more, contact our Sunny Smiles location on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.