What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Address?

Through our different cosmetic dental services, there are many frustrating smile flaws that we can address. Of course, for many people, the goal during treatment will call for more than just an improvement on one issue. Sunny Smiles offers cosmetic dentistry in the El Paso area, and with as little as one service we can help people show off many overall improvements. Those improvements can include changes in smile color, problems with teeth spacing, concerns about enamel wear and tear, and more. The procedures we offer can be more conservative than you expect, and they can actually minimize the overall changes that need to be made to your tooth structure to produce those results.

We Can Take On Different Smile Flaws

When you identify what issue or issues you have to address to gain real confidence in your smile, you can bring up the matter of treatment with your dentist. Based on our patients’ goals, we can recommend different services. In addition to providing different results, the treatments we offer can vary in how your tooth structure is changed. There are times when we can provide results in as little as one appointment, even when there are several flaws you hope to fix.

Choosing Your Cosmetic Procedure

Patients who want to do something about dental discoloration can talk with us about a teeth whitening treatment, which can effectively fix problems with enamel stains. Through both the use of porcelain veneers and dental bonding and contouring services, we can take on discoloration, dental damage, naturally occurring issues with tooth shape and size, and more. These services offer results with different approaches—while porcelain veneers can take more time and require more changes to your enamel, they can offer a more durable solution. We can even take on problems with your appearance caused by bulky or uneven periodontal tissues, as we do provide gum contouring services.

What We Can Do About Oral Health Issues That Affect Your Appearance

When there are issues with your oral health that are responsible for your concerns over the way you look, you can learn about restorative dental services that also offer cosmetic benefits. Both prosthetic dental restorations and restorations that protect vulnerable teeth can make positive changes to your smile. If you could benefit from both cosmetic and restorative services, we can talk with you about creating a smile makeover plan that will include both.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Cosmetic Dentistry!

Through the right cosmetic dental treatment, we can help you see remarkable smile improvements in a surprisingly short time. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, contact our Sunny Smiles location on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.