Cavity Treatment Services In The El Paso Area

Hopefully, your next routine dental checkup will reveal that your smile remains healthy and problem-free. However, if something is wrong, it is beneficial to learn about it at an appointment, as you can have the matter resolved before there are complications that will have to be addressed. At Sunny Smiles, we can resolve trouble with a cavity that we discover during a routine review. Timely treatment can lead to the restoration of your tooth with a conservative dental filling. If you need a more advanced procedure for decay that was not caught in time, we can provide more involved services, including root canal therapy, which deals with a painful and concerning infection.

The Importance Of Proper Cavity Treatment

Whenever a patient has a cavity, our priority will be treating it so that it no longer poses a threat to their tooth and general oral health. With that said, the approach that we have to take will vary based on what state their enamel is in at the time of care. Early detection at a checkup can lead to a tooth’s restoration before damage is serious enough to require advanced services. In time, decay can lead to severe consequences, including the onset of an infection that makes you vulnerable to losing your tooth!

We Can Deal With Advanced Tooth Decay

While you should take care to prevent complications from tooth decay, we understand that serious problems can arise and call for attention as well as prompt treatment. If you have a worrying amount of discomfort from an advanced cavity, we can actually bring you in on short notice to provide root canal therapy. The root canal treatments we perform remove unhealthy tissues and bacteria from your pulp, your tooth’s central chamber, before your tooth is restored with a crown. The work that goes into restoring a severe cavity can stop discomfort and prevent the spread of bacteria to other areas.

How Checkups Prevent Complications With Advanced Cavities

Every time you come in for a routine dental exam and cleaning, you can learn about the presence of cavities that are going to require restorative dental work. The good news is that smaller cavities can be addressed before you have to worry about a dental infection forming. When the decayed area is treated, you will receive a dental filing that covers the affected area but leaves the surrounding tissues alone.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Cavity Treatment!

Through cavity treatment, we can make sure that your tooth is properly restored and protected against harmful decay. If you would like to find out more about our restorative services, or if you need to schedule an appointment, please reach out to your El Paso, TX, dentists by calling our practice at 915-849-9000.