Bringing Up An Interest In Teeth Whitening

You put the time and effort into keeping your smile safe against tooth decay and gum disease, but you feel dissatisfied by your appearance because of discoloration. Enamel stains can be both embarrassing and difficult to fight. Even if your smile is in good health, you can have accumulated stains that make teeth appear less attractive. Fortunately, the right cosmetic treatment can take care of this issue for you! Sunny Smiles can provide a custom teeth whitening treatment that you can use to make positive changes to your smile. At the end of your daily treatments with your personalized kit, you can see remarkable changes to your appearance!

Are You Growing Embarrassed Over The Color Of Your Teeth?

Teeth stains can be more difficult to avoid than you anticipate, as they can be picked up from many popular foods and drinks. As they accumulate and settle, they can also prove difficult to remove. Picking up a store bought treatment or a toothpaste that helps with discoloration can have some effect, but you can feel let down by the results you see. Fortunately, professional cosmetic dental services can have more impact.

Planning Cosmetic Work With Zoom! Whitening Kit

If you are ready to do something significant to improve your smile, talk to your dentist about taking home a Zoom! whitening kit. We can prepare a personalized kit that is designed to give you results that store bought products cannot match. The materials we supply patients include both potent bleaching gels and trays made for easy application. You will follow the instructions for daily treatments, which will lead to your enamel becoming many shades brighter!

What If You Need To Do Something About Intrinsic Discoloration?

There is more to dental discoloration than enamel stains. Your problems may be caused by intrinsic discoloration, which refers to changes that affect your tooth structure and dull your smile. If this is the case, we can recommend other cosmetic procedures that can deliver the results you want. One option is to restore your smile with porcelain veneers. Your veneers can make teeth appear brighter, and they can also take care of concerns that you might have about the shape or size of teeth.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Your Interest In Teeth Whitening

Dull or discolored teeth can make people lose confidence in their smile, and in their overall appearance. If you are someone who feels increasingly self-conscious because of discoloration, know that Sunny Smiles can help! Through the appropriate cosmetic procedure, we can give you improvements that you are eager to share when you smile. We are happy to discuss this and any other cosmetic concerns you have. To find out more, contact your El Paso, TX, dentists by calling us at 915-849-9000.