Arranging Cavity Treatment In El Paso

When you have concerns about tooth decay, you should seek out treatment. Waiting on arranging care means letting a cavity continue to spread, which leads to complications that can change the kind of care you require. Fortunately, Sunny Smiles is prepared to treat your decay before the health of your tooth grows worse. Depending on its state at the time of your appointment, we will provide either a dental filling or dental crown. Each of these treatment options can preserve your smile as it also provides valuable support for your bite, so you can come away from restorative work feeling confident in your appearance and health.

Why A Cavity Treatment Should Not Wait

What can happen if you put off cavity treatment? Once decay is serious enough to require restorative dental work, your tooth’s health will continue to deteriorate. If you wait too long, you can even experience an infection that requires endodontic treatment. Fortunately, you can avoid this kind of problem, as you can receive early warnings about poor tooth health, which can lead to a more conservative procedure that preserves more of your healthy enamel.

What Kind Of Work Will Your Tooth Require?

The review of your tooth by your dentist will determine what kind of care you require. A smaller cavity can undergo treatment with a dental filling, which only makes limited changes to your tooth structure. After the decay is removed, a composite resin filling will be placed to provide protection. The resin material can bond to your enamel and provide lasting support, and it can imitate the appearance of your tooth’s color and texture. If your tooth decay is too serious for this approach, we will make plans to provide a custom dental crown. If there are signs of infection, which can occur when bacteria make their way through your enamel and attack your pulp.

We Can Help You Stay Safe Against Future Cavities

If you want to avoid problems with advanced tooth decay, remember that your regular dental exams provide warnings when you require treatment. These regular checkups also help you avoid problems entirely. Your regular teeth cleanings remove plaque and tartar so that you can stay safe against both cavities and gum disease. You also receive helpful guidance when it comes to the state of your smile, which helps you make changes in your routine to lower your risk for cavities.

Arrange Your Cavity Treatment At Sunny Smiles!

Through restorative dental work, we can stop a cavity from doing any further harm to your tooth. In addition to addressing the decay that already affects you, we can provide a custom filling or crown that offers functional support while also restoring your smile! If you have questions, or if you need to schedule your treatment, please contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.