Emergency Treatment For An Injured Tooth

Dental trauma can be painful and alarming, but it can also feel unfair. After all, you (hopefully) take time out of every day to thoroughly clean your teeth. When you do this while also making smile diet choices and seeing your dentist for preventive care, you can prevent dental decay, the problem that often makes restorative dental work necessary. However, a physical injury can lead to problems even if you have a great routine in place. Sunny Smiles can make this experience easier to deal with by bringing you in for emergency treatment. On short notice, we can perform an evaluation to determine what kind of care you need before we move forward with services to fully restore both your health and smile.

What To Expect When You Need Treatment For An Injured Tooth

Dental injuries can be painful, and they can also put you at risk for losing your vulnerable tooth. At an emergency dental appointment, you can make sure you have the appropriate treatment before complications arise. We can work with you to make sure we are ready to greet you and provide an evaluation. After we assess the problem, we can make plans to take care of the matter in a way that preserves your smile, bite function, and well-being.

Evaluating And Addressing Your Injury

There are different responses we can take when a patient comes in with a dental injury. Your tooth should be evaluated before any procedure is recommended. If your tooth is loose, broken, or dislodged, we will look at the possibility of successfully saving and restoring it. Less severe damage can still be a serious concern, as you may have internal damage that requires a root canal procedure. In these situations, capping your tooth with a dental crown can provide lasting protection after work is done.

Delaying Treatment For A Physical Injury Can Have Real Consequences

If you put off treatment when your tooth is injured, the problem can worsen in ways that change how you need to be treated. A seemingly superficial injury can cause internal damage that will gradually worsen. In time, this can lead to heightened discomfort, and it can put you at risk for tooth loss.

Sunny Smiles Can Provide Emergency Treatment For Your Injured Tooth

Our practice is ready to provide emergency dental services when patients experience dental injuries. Because we can see you on short notice, we can prevent problems from worsening, which can lead to complications and even make you more likely to lose a tooth! If you would like to find out more about how we can take care of your smile, even when you need our help on short notice, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.