Avoiding Problems That Require Root Canals

If you are in a situation where you need a root canal, you should make treatment a priority. The procedure addresses problems with poor dental health that cause pain and sensitivity. When you do not arrange care in time, you run the risk of losing your tooth! While Sunny Smiles is here to help when you have a potentially severe dental problem, you can also count on us to help you avoid these issues. At regular dental exams, we can provide helpful updates about your smile. That includes timely warnings about dental decay, which we can address with a lifelike dental filling.

How A Root Canal Restores An Unhealthy Tooth

A root canal procedure deals with problems within your tooth structure. As bacteria continue to erode your enamel, they will eventually gain access to the pulp, your tooth’s central chamber. When this occurs, an infection can develop that causes pain, sensitivity, and even changes like swelling and tooth discoloration! At this point, we can provide a root canal to deal with harmful bacteria and infected tissues. After this work is done, we will provide a custom dental crown to make sure your tooth stays safe and secure.

Regular Checkups Help You Avoid Trouble With A Tooth Infection

Even a small cavity requires restorative dental work, but the approach we take to your care will vary based on your needs. At regular dental exams, we look out for the early warning signs of poor oral health that will require further care. If we identify a cavity during your exam, we will provide a dental filling to protect the surrounding enamel, stop the spread of decay, and keep you safe from further damage. Our fillings can imitate healthy dental enamel, so the procedure will not have a negative effect on your appearance.

Why You Might Need A Root Canal After A Dental Injury

Unfortunately, there are times when a sudden dental problem can call for root canal therapy. Physical trauma can leave you vulnerable to an infection or cause internal damage. If this happens, we will have to treat it in order to save your tooth. Our office wants patients to know that we are here for them in the event of an emergency. You can come in for prompt care and have the trouble with your tooth fully addressed.

Sunny Smiles Can Make Sure Your Smile Is Fully Restored

A root canal procedure is important, but it is something you can prevent when you are consistent with daily oral hygiene and regular dental exams! Our office is happy to help patients so that they can avoid potentially serious problems. If you would like to find out more, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.