How Dental Fillings Resolve Cavity Troubles

It is natural to feel some frustration when you hear that you have a cavity. While you may be less than happy to spend time in the dentist’s chair being treated for decay, timely care is important. If you let a cavity go unaddressed, the damage can worsen, and that can change the type of restorative treatment you require. At Sunny Smiles, we can help you deal with this problem by placing a durable and discreet filling. The materials we use for fillings actually matches your tooth structure, which means your restorative work will not impact your appearance. This substance is still strong enough to provide functional support, so you can still bite and chew without concern.

Timely Treatment For A Cavity Is Important

It may be unwelcome news to hear that you need restorative dental work, but putting it off can have consequences. Delaying a procedure gives more time for a cavity to grow, and that means losing more of your enamel. Eventually, this can lead to an infection that causes pain and demands more involved care. With regular dental checkups, you can learn about any cavities that you have early, which reduces your risk for complications.

Using A Tooth-Colored Filling During Your Treatment

We use a tooth-colored resin material to place dental fillings and restore teeth. The material only covers the area where decayed tissues have been removed. After the application, the resin hardens to provide durable support. Fillings make it possible for us to preserve healthy surrounding enamel, and they ensure your tooth is both strong enough to endure bite pressures and safe from a future infection. They can remain in good condition for many years. With that said, good oral hygiene will help you preserve it, and regular exams can lead to timely treatment if an older restoration is wearing down.

Why Some Cavities Require Dental Crowns

While dental fillings provide the most conservative treatment option for cavities, they are not recommended in every situation. If you need more support, we will instead use a custom-made dental crown as part of your treatment. Because crowns provide more coverage, more preparatory work is needed. With that said, these restorations allow us to save teeth that are affected by more significant decay, which means we can preserve your full smile as well as your bite function.

Sunny Smiles Can Provide Cavity Treatment With A Lifelike Filling

Dental fillings that match your tooth structure can provide important support for a vulnerable tooth, preserve your bite function, and avoid making changes to your appearance. Remember that in addition to taking care of problems as they arise, our practice can provide routine services that lower your risk for cavities, gum disease, and more. To find out more or schedule an appointment, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.