Are You Starting To Worry About Your Filling?

You will need a permanent restoration after cavity treatment. A cavity is not just a problem because it damages your tooth structure. When decay makes restorative treatment necessary, it causes irreversible harm to your enamel, meaning the affected area will not heal over time. Fortunately, the filling or crown that you receive can provide long-term protection. Does this mean you will never have to worry about replacing a restoration? Unfortunately, they can wear down over time, which can leave your tooth vulnerable. If an older filling no longer feels secure, or if you have concerns about discomfort, let Sunny Smiles know. We can replace your current restoration with a custom-made one that can support your dental function as well as your smile.

Don’t Ignore Trouble With An Older Filling

If you start to lose confidence in an older filling, you should not keep your concerns to yourself. Letting the problem go unaddressed can lead to the restoration damaging the surrounding tooth structure or being lost. You also have to worry about an opening between the tooth and filling that will let bacteria gather. The sooner you say something, the sooner you can be sure that your tooth is in good condition. You can also receive an early warning about an older restoration when you attend regular dental exams.

Receiving A New Restoration

After evaluating your tooth, your dentist can determine if you need a new dental filling, or if it is necessary to provide support with a dental crown instead. Why replace an older filling with a crown? If the condition of your tooth has changed over time, or if the filling did damage to the surrounding enamel, you can require additional support. The good news is that both fillings and crowns can imitate healthy enamel, so we can take care of you without affecting your appearance.

Your Dentist Can Warn You About Problems With Restorations At Your Regular Exams

You can learn about more than just whether you have a cavity or not at a routine appointment. In the course of your evaluation, we will look out for problems with older restorations, for signs of wear and tear that suggest you have a teeth grinding issue, and more. Of course, in addition to closely studying your teeth, we will also check your gums to see if gingivitis is affecting your well-being.

Reach Out To Sunny Smiles If You Are Worried About Your Filling

Through timely treatment at Sunny Smiles, you can make sure that a tooth with an older, insecure filling is taken care of. We provide fillings and crowns that imitate healthy enamel, which means your treatment can give you renewed confidence in your health, bite, and appearance! To find out more, please contact Sunny Smiles at our Dyer St office in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.