When You Need Root Canal Therapy

It is important that you take signs of oral health trouble seriously, and that you seek treatment for a potential problem as soon as you can. If you put off an appointment while you struggle with pain or sensitivity, you can give an infection more time to spread. Eventually, your worsening infection can become so serious that your tooth has to be extracted! Sunny Smiles can evaluate your tooth to see if you might require root canal treatment. If you do, we can perform this procedure to stop the spread of decay that threatens your appearance and well-being. We can also provide a custom restoration that will keep your tooth safe over time.

A Root Canal Is Not Always Included In Cavity Treatment

Root canal therapy is often scheduled to take care of cavity problems. However, this does not mean that you always need to schedule a root canal because of decay! If a problem is identified in time, you can undergo treatment to restore your tooth before more involved care is needed. When a smaller cavity is caught and treated, we can restore your enamel with a lifelike dental filling. One way to lower your risk for advanced decay is to consistently schedule dental checkups, as these visits give your dentist chances to provide early warnings about oral health troubles.

How Root Canal Therapy Restores Your Oral Health

Root canal therapy is used to restore teeth that are experiencing problems with infections. Over time, a cavity can expose you to bacteria that begin to spread within your pulp and attack the living tissues that support your tooth. During a root canal, we carefully remove bacteria that have started to gather, and we can take care of infected tissues before sealing your pulp to protect you. This procedure can also be necessary when you have a physical injury, as damaged enamel can make you vulnerable to an infection.

Restoring Your Tooth After Your Root Canal

After your tooth is restored via root canal therapy, we will restore it with a custom dental crown. A crown completely covers your tooth and provides bite support as well as protection against further damage or infection. We can provide restorations that imitate healthy tooth enamel, which can provide cosmetic as well as functional benefits.

Sunny Smiles Can Restore Your Oral Health By Performing Root Canal Therapy!

Through root canal treatment, we can stop a severe cavity from spreading further, or stop a physical injury from causing complications. Remember that our practice is here to do more than just address active issues – we can also provide preventive care to help you avoid trouble in the future! To find out more, contact Sunny Smiles at our Dyer St office in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.