Scheduling A Weekend Dental Visit

patient receiving dental careYour oral health should be a priority for you, as the condition of your smile can affect your overall appearance and general health in important ways. Trouble with your dental health can lead to pain, bite problems, infection risks, and even tooth loss! Fortunately, Sunny Smiles can make office visits easier to schedule, even for those who have difficulty finding time for routine services. Our practice maintains weekend hours – by providing appointments on Saturdays, we make visits more accessible to those with inflexible schedules. If you are not in the habit of scheduling dental exams consistently, returning for a checkup can help you avoid problems, or learn about issues that already call for treatment.

Our Office Hours Can Make Appointments Easier To Schedule

We understand that for many people, weekday office hours are harder to make use of due to busy or less flexible schedules. However, the inability to arrange a routine dental visit does not protect you from the kinds of smile problems your dentist can help you avoid! Our Saturday office hours make our services easier to access for those who are less likely to have time to see us during the week. Because you can have a less difficult time arranging care, you are less likely to put off routine services and leave yourself vulnerable to problems!

How Regular Visits Protect Your Smile

At every regular exam, you receive care in two important ways. One form of smile care comes from your regular teeth cleanings. By thoroughly clearing away plaque and tartar buildup, we can lower your risk for tooth decay as well as gum disease. At your appointment, you will also receive a close evaluation from your dentist. In the course of this review, we can discuss more than just concerns around cavities or gingivitis. We can also look out for bite problems that point to TMJ disorder, or discuss any other signs of poor oral health that may be affecting you.

Discussing Treatment When An Oral Health Issue Is Identified

So what happens if your routine visit leads to the discovery of a dental problem? At this point, you and your dentist can discuss what kind of restorative oral health procedure might be called for. The good news is that when problems are caught in time, the kind of treatment you need can be less involved. For example, a cavity identified at a checkup can be addressed with a dental filling, while a larger cavity that sends you to the dentist out of concern may require a crown.

Schedule A Weekend Dental Visit At Sunny Smiles!

Sunny Smiles maintains Saturday office hours, making it easier for patients to find the time to see us! Remember that consistent exams and cleanings are important for your smile, as they help prevent issues and also lead to their early detection and treatment. To find out more, please contact your El Paso, TX, dentists’ office on N Zaragoza Rd by calling 915-849-9000.