When Will You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When your wisdom teeth begin to arrive, you can experience pain and sensitivity as they press against neighboring teeth. Our wisdom teeth are the last of our secondary (“adult”) teeth to arrive. When they do show up, they often have trouble fitting in because there is not enough space for them. This crowding can lead to your wisdom teeth pushing against teeth and affecting their alignment, damaging their neighbors, or shifting when they erupt. When that shifting occurs, the tooth becomes impacted, which creates more problems for your dental well-being. Sunny Smiles is prepared to safely extract your wisdom teeth so that these problems are avoided. If your wisdom teeth have yet to erupt, regular dental exams will provide you with an early warning about their movement. Your dentist can remove them before they create problems, minimizing the amount of trouble that their arrival could have created.

Why You Want An Early Warning About Wisdom Teeth Eruptions

If your wisdom teeth are removed before they start to press against their neighboring molars, and before they become impacted, you can avoid complications that affect your appearance and dental health. However, if you only realize they are erupting because you feel the pressure they are putting on your teeth, or because of chronic pain, it may be too late to prevent these problems. That means you can have dental crowding to deal with, and you may even need restorative dental work done to restore the health of neighboring molars that were cracked.

Scheduling The Removal Of Your Wisdom Teeth

If your dentist tells you that your wisdom teeth are putting you at risk for dental trouble, you can move forward with a procedure to remove them. During the removal, your gum tissues will be carefully moved so that the teeth can be accessed and removed without affecting their neighbors. Before we begin the procedure, we will use imaging technology to determine the precise location of the wisdom teeth. If you have problems with an impacted wisdom tooth, we can make adjustments to safely remove it and minimize problems with neighboring teeth.

Other Reasons To Consistently Visit Your Dentist For Routine Exams

Dental exams provide you with more than just updates about the movement of your wisdom teeth! Every visit includes a thorough teeth cleaning. This session removes plaque and tartar buildup from your enamel. Through this service, we lower your risk for problems that call for restorative dental work. Your dentist will look for any evidence of problems that require treatment. In addition to looking for signs of decay, we will look for evidence of TMJ problems, gum disease, and more!

Sunny Smiles Can Take Care Of Your Wisdom Teeth!

Sunny Smiles is ready to take care of your wisdom teeth before they cause problems for your oral health! To learn more about our office and services, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.