Let Down By Past Teeth Whitening Efforts? We Can Help!

Have you already tried to make your smile whiter? Many people who feel put off by dental discoloration try to fix the problem by switching to toothpaste that promises a brighter smile, or by taking home a teeth whitening kit from their local pharmacy or grocery store. Unfortunately, they can see limited improvements from their efforts to address teeth stains on their own. After being let down by these products, what options are still available to you if you want a brighter smile? Sunny Smiles can provide patients with personalized whitening kits that remove stains that have proven difficult to address. With the custom take-home kit that you receive, you can fight discoloration by removing surface stains and brightening the tooth structure below.

Why Are You Having Trouble Addressing Dental Discoloration?

Many people have some concerns about the color of their smile, and those concerns can steadily grow over time as new stains form on teeth. The frustrating truth is that many popular foods and drinks are capable of leaving stains on teeth. When this occurs, you can find it surprisingly difficult to remove them. Even if your smile has remained free of cavities, you can find that your work to prevent discoloration is yielding limited changes. Stains are tough to avoid because there are many foods and drinks that cause them, enough to make total avoidance difficult. Stains can also be a problem for you if you smoke or use smokeless tobacco products.

Taking Home A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

When you take home a professional whitening kit, you receive more than just bleaching agents. Your dentist will include personalized trays that you can use to easily apply the whitening solution directly to your enamel. You will use the treatment on a daily basis, following your dentist’s instructions for your recommended treatment period. Typically, patients will complete their whitening procedure in just under two weeks!

Is There Another Approach To Smile Improvement You Should Consider?

It is possible that your dental discoloration is from something other than teeth stains. Internal problems linked to physical trauma, medications taken in the past, and enamel erosion can leave you with a smile that seems dull and less attractive. Porcelain veneers can help you resolve this issue while also taking care of problems with the shape, size, and alignment of your teeth. Tooth bonding and contouring work can also be helpful when it comes to addressing these problems.

Discuss Teeth Whitening Treatment At Sunny Smiles!

Our Sunny Smiles offices are prepared to help patients who feel that their teeth look dull or discolored. With the right cosmetic treatment, you can begin showing off a better, brighter smile! To find out more, you can reach our El Paso, TX dentist’s office on Dyer St. by calling 915-859-7000.