3 Possible Causes Of Persistent Tooth Pain

The persistence of tooth pain can be more than just intrusive – it can make you wonder if something is seriously wrong with your oral health. Because pain can be a symptom of a potential significant problem, it is not a symptom that you should take lightly. Letting your dentist know about your discomfort can lead to an evaluation that turns up the source of your pain, which can then lead to the appropriate treatment. You should not hesitate to reach out and set up an appointment if you are affected by active pain. Until the matter is resolved with the appropriate restorative dental work, the cause of your pain can grow more significant in time, eventually leading to new complications and problems for your oral health.

1. The Arrival Of Your Wisdom Teeth

As your wisdom teeth begin to erupt, they may press into their neighbors and cause you discomfort. The reason many people have these teeth extracted is to prevent this issue of crowding. When it is not resolved, the pressure from your wisdom teeth can damage molars, affect your smile alignment, and continue to cause discomfort. Fortunately, the movement of your wisdom teeth can be monitored when you are consistent with regular dental exams. If they have not erupted yet, your dentist can let you know when they do so that you can plan their removal and avoid oral health complications.

2. Complications From An Untreated Cavity

Another benefit to regular dental exams is the regular inspection of your teeth for any signs of dental decay. Cavities that are identified and treated early can be taken care of with dental fillings before decay begins causing discomfort. A problem with dental decay that is not spotted by your dentist and treated will keep growing, doing more permanent damage to your enamel and eventually infiltrating your pulp to cause problems for you. At this point, root canal therapy is necessary to stop the problem with your tooth and resolve the cause of your pain.

3. Physical Tooth Trauma

Physical injuries can lead to serious consequences even when they initially seem minor. Tooth infections are caused by more than just untreated cavities. In the event that your tooth cracks, bacteria can infiltrate the opening in your enamel and start to create problems for your well-being. You also have to worry about the tooth suffering more physical damage over time if you do not treat an injury. Dental crowns are effective at restoring teeth that are damaged while still preserving your smile and bite.

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