Relying On Cosmetic Dentistry To Deliver A Smile Makeover

Are you tired of feeling anxious over the state of your smile? The right cosmetic dental procedure can deliver significant results, even if you have several problems that you wish to fix. Sunny Smiles provides different options for patients interested in cosmetic dentistry. We can target flaws by performing dental bonding and contouring work, or take care to cover flawed teeth with porcelain veneers. We can also take on problems with the quality of your smile by directly dealing with discoloration. With as little as one procedure, a full range of issues that affect how you look can be resolved!

How Do You Currently Feel About Your Smile?

Even if minor flaws do not affect your oral health, they can negatively impact your appearance in ways that make you unhappy. Do you currently feel that your smile is unattractive because your teeth are discolored, or because of problems with the shape, size, or positioning of certain teeth? With cosmetic work, we can make significant changes to how you look will making conservative changes to your tooth structure. For some procedures, we can actually move forward without preparatory work that changes your tooth structure.

Impressive Smile Improvements Can Require Less Work Than You Expect

When restoring a patient’s smile, we can minimize actual changes to their tooth structure. Dental bonding treatments and teeth whitening treatments can produce desirable changes without modifying your enamel. In order to place porcelain veneers, we can move forward with only minor preparatory work to ensure that your results are attractive. Because veneers will only occupy a limited space, less of your tooth structure has to be modified than is necessary for the placement of a dental crown.

Preserving Your Improved Smile

Cosmetic dentistry provides long-term benefits to patients who undergo procedures to improve the way they look. Of course, just as you need to be consistent with your oral hygiene routine to protect yourself against dental decay and gum disease, you should take care to preserve the appearance of your improved smile. You should also be sure to act quickly if you develop a problem that could cause dental damage, like bruxism. Bruxism sufferers can damage veneers or teeth restored through a bonding procedure – fortunately, your dentist can provide a custom guard to keep your smile safe while you sleep.

Talk To Your El Paso, TX Dentist About A Smile Makeover

With as little as one cosmetic procedure, you can enjoy an exciting cosmetic smile makeover! Sunny Smiles has helped many people work through their issues with the way they looked in order to produce exciting cosmetic improvements. If you have questions about our cosmetic services, or if you wish to know about any other services that we provide, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.