Saving Your Tooth With A Root Canal

Of all the dental procedures out there, few have been given an undeserved reputation like the root canal. Far from the terrifying procedure jokes and sitcoms have made this treatment out to be, root canal therapy is comfortable, safe, and crucial for preventing the loss of infected teeth. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we save teeth in El Paso, TX, with root canal therapy.

When Does My Smile Need Endodontic Care?

When harmful bacteria come into contact with the inner pulp, your tooth’s nerve center, an infection or abscess could arise. Eventually, lack of treatment could mean the tooth needs to be extracted to prevent infection from spreading. Bacteria could reach the pulp as a result of an untreated dental cavity, or possibly due to a tooth becoming cracked or chipped following an injury. The warning signs of an infection include toothaches, tooth sensitivity, pain when eating, fever, headaches, swelling near the aching tooth, or a foul-tasting discharge from the tooth. If you begin to experience discomfort in one of your teeth, or any of these other symptoms, please let us know so we can perform a diagnosis and see if you need treatment.

The Root Canal Treatment

The root canal procedure halts the discomfort and treats the issue in a single visit. We begin by administering a local anesthetic, as well as dental sedation in some cases. We open the tooth and remove the infected tissue from within. Next, we add a restorative filling material to the tooth. After we cure the material, we cap the tooth with a custom-made dental crown, which protects the tooth and is also designed to blend with the smile seamlessly. The procedure is often compared to receiving a dental filling, and helps prevent the loss of your tooth, as well as serious pain.

Protecting Your Smile

We also want to discuss the steps one can take to prevent the onset of an infection in the first place. Be sure you brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes, and floss every night before bed. These steps help prevent cavities, a major factor in the onset of an infection. Also, make time to see us every six months so we can examine your smile and remove plaque buildup from your teeth. If you have any questions about protecting your smile, or about our endodontic procedure, then contact our team today.


At Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX, our team can address infections or abscesses with a unique restorative treatment! If you have questions about our services, or if you want to set up an appointment, you can reach our East El Paso dental practice on 10039 Dyer St., at 915-859-7000!