How We Can Help Treat TMJ And Bruxism

El Paso, TX, dentist can help treat TMJ and bruxism

Do you grind your teeth at night? You may not be able to notice until symptoms begin to manifest. If this happens chronically for extended periods, it can harm your oral health. In many cases, bruxism and TMJ problems are found together. Your Sunny Smiles team can help diagnose your condition and help you treat it with a non-invasive method. This can help protect your smile from harm caused by these problems.

Addressing Jaw Pain And Chronic Headaches

While not directly related, bruxism can worsen TMJ if left untreated. Bruxism is a condition that causes patients to chronically grind their teeth together. This may be due to factors such as stress, age, smile misalignment, and more. It can be hard to notice that you are doing this until physical symptoms begin to show. If you begin to notice frequent headaches, tooth sensitivity, or jaw pain, it could be sign of one of these disorders.

At your next checkup, your dentist may be able to diagnose the problem after examining your smile and going over symptoms. It’s important that this is treated promptly to protect your pearly whites from further harm. If left untreated, your teeth can become severely worn down and it may become difficult to chew certain foods. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity and may ask about any symptoms you have noticed. These will be used to create a diagnosis and treatment for the problem. Bruxism and TMJ can often be found together and treated with the same method.

How An Oral Appliance Can Help

You may be worried that these conditions will need surgery or more invasive methods to treat them. However, this is not necessary. In many cases, an oral appliance can be used to alleviate symptoms of bruxism and TMJ. This looks like a retainer but is used to protect your teeth from grinding together and balance the pressure on your jaw. Over time, you may notice that your symptoms have improved. Your oral appliance will be created to fit your smile precisely and target your specific needs. This treatment may also be used to help patients who snore or have sleep apnea.

Your teeth may experience natural wear and tear over time. Bruxism can cause this to happen at a more rapid pace that can be damaging to your smile. Once the condition is under control with treatment, restorations can be done to repair your worn teeth. Dental crowns may be placed over your damaged teeth to improve their function and appearance. If the damage is extreme, you may need to replace your dental structures with a prosthetic.

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