Porcelain Veneers Can Create A Vibrant Smile

El Paso, TX, dentist offers porcelain veneers

With so many methods available to improve the appearance of your pearly whites, it can be overwhelming to know what option the best for your needs is. Options like professional whitening or bonding can make your teeth appear blemish-free, and contouring can give them a more uniform shape. If you have several issues that you would like to address at once, your El Paso, TX, dentist also offers porcelain veneers. This method can hide the appearance of discoloration, make your grin appear brighter, and give you a symmetrical look.

You Must Have Good Oral Health Before Cosmetic Treatments

Who could benefit from porcelain veneers? This is a great option for patients who have several concerns they would like to address about their smile’s appearance. Blemishes that cannot be removed with whitening, misshapen teeth, or minor gaps, can all be corrected with these porcelain shells. Your smile must be healthy before beginning this process. You must be cavity-free and have no signs of gum disease. If you have a cavity, this must be restored before a veneer is placed. Otherwise, the tooth could decay beneath the shell and cause it to come off. If you are experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease, your dentist will recommend deep cleanings before any visual treatments can be done.

How This Option Compares To Others

Professional whitening and bonding are both great ways to improve the appearance of your pearly whites, but they offer different benefits. A professional brightening treatment helps remove stains from the surface of your teeth. This service may need to be repeated every few years to maintain its vibrancy. Cosmetic bonding is a more conservative approach of esthetic dentistry. A tooth-colored material will be added to the areas of imperfection to create a symmetrical look. This option may last several years and can be done in a single appointment.

Veneers are a unique treatment because they use thin porcelain shells to create an even appearing grin. The porcelain materials will appear lifelike and is highly durable, so you will be able to chew and speak as usual

Getting Started With The Process

As mentioned earlier, your oral health will need to be in good status before beginning. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity and check for any concerns. Then, impressions of your teeth will be taken to create your custom porcelain shells. When they are ready, they will be cemented to the teeth. This method does require a preparation step that includes removing a small amount of your tooth. This step is done to ensure that the shell fits snuggly to the area. It is safe for your smile and should not cause discomfort.

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