Wisdom Tooth Removal: What To Know Beforehand

El Paso, TX, dentist offers wisdom tooth removal

When it comes to your pearly whites, your dentist will typically do their best to restore them instead of removing them if they are injured. Wisdom teeth are often the exception to this rule. While problems such as decay and cracks can be restored, impacted molars may benefit more from removal. To prevent complications from these extra molars, Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX, can extract them.

Can You Keep Your Third Molars?

Technically, if these teeth are not causing problems, you can choose to not have them removed. However, even if they do not cause discomfort initially, more issues may follow. Due to their placement, it can be difficult to keep clean from food particles and bacteria. This may result in decay or infections. They may even become impacted before growing fully, which means that they can not emerge from the gumline. As a result, the area may feel tender and sensitive to the touch.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Vs Regular Removal

Removing the third molars is often a more extensive form of oral surgery. With a standard extraction, typically only one tooth is removed. Wisdom teeth extraction usually involves several teeth, as you have four wisdom teeth in total. First, the local area will be numbed. This allows you to be comfortable during the procedure. Then, an incision will be made to help gently remove the molars. After this, the area will be closed. Remember to have a trusted friend or family member drive you home, as the sedation may take some time to wear off.

You will need more time to recover and have different aftercare instructions. In general, you should avoid eating hard foods, drinking through a straw, and using tobacco. If you have any concerns, call your dentist.

Do We Replace Wisdom Teeth?

Your third molars are not necessary to the structure and function of your smile. This means that there will be no need to have prosthetic replacements. However, if you have had other ones extracted due to injuries or other problems, your dentist may discuss replacement options with you. Depending on your needs and the area that has been removed, different forms of prosthetics may be available.

For patients who have lost or removed a few teeth in a row, a dental bridge can be used to fill this gap. This is fixed in place and will blend in naturally. Dentures are another option that can replace several of your pearly whites throughout your oral cavity. Implants are also available to create a strong, permanent structure and support your jaw.

Schedule Your Extraction Today

Removing your third molars can prevent alignment problems and discomfort. To schedule this procedure, call Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX, today at 915.759.7000