Save Your Tooth With A Dental Crown

El Paso tx offers restorations like crowns to protect and restore teeth

If you have damaged your tooth, or have severe decay, a crown can be used to bring it to its original condition. At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX, we offer several methods of restoration. Fillings and root canals can repair cavities, or a crown can be used to repair your tooth after damage. These can help repair your pearly whites and eliminate the need for an extraction. In today’s blog, we will discuss when a crown can be used.

If You Have Severe Decay

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that patients face. These can usually be treated with fillings, but, if they become more severe, root canal treatment may be used to repair the tooth. During this process, the damaged pulp is removed, the area is filled, and a cap is placed over the area. This cap can stabilize the area and reinforce it against pressure from chewing. Without it, your tooth may be extremely sensitive, and it could be difficult to eat.

Protecting From Further Damage

Even with the best of care, accidents can still happen. If you have chipped or fractured one of your pearly whites, it is important to have this looked at as soon as possible. In many instances, your dentist will recommend using a crown to cover the area. This will prevent the fracture from spreading and reduce the risk of infection in the future.

How The Crown Is Placed

Like any other dental procedure, you will first need a consultation. If the tooth has been fractured in an accident, do not wait for your next checkup to have it looked at. Instead, schedule an emergency visit to have it examined. At your appointment, the damage will be thoroughly checked. If it can be saved, the restoration process can begin. However, if the fracture is too severe, an extraction may be suggested instead. After you recover from the removal, prosthetic options can be discussed.

If it is determined that a crown can be used, the process can begin. After the consultation, measurements of the tooth and oral cavity will be taken. These will be sent off to a lab to create the cap. We opt for porcelain or zirconia to be used, as these materials are durable and lifelike. It may take a few weeks for the permanent cap to come in. In the meantime, a temporary one can be placed. This will protect your teeth and allow you to eat and speak without discomfort. When the permanent one comes in, it will be cemented in place.

Schedule Your Restoration Today

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