Too Late For A Filling? We Can Still Help

El Paso, TX dentist offers root canals

In our last blog, we talked about how tooth-colored fillings help restore your smile after a cavity. In some cases, you may not need to repair the decay right away. However, waiting too long can cause the cavity to continue growing. This can cause discomfort and sensitivity when eating. If you put off getting a filling, you may need a root canal. Sunny Smiles Dentistry in El Paso, TX, is here today to explain how this restoration can save your damaged tooth.

When Should You Get A Filling?

At your biannual checkup, your dentist will check for any signs of cavities and other problems. If decay is spotted, they will recommend that you schedule an appointment for a filling. Waiting for a few weeks may be safe, but you should have the area treated within a few months. Leaving the carie to grow may cause bad breath, a toothache, and even swelling of the gums.

When A Root Canal Is Necessary

If left untreated, the decay will continue to worsen. The cavity can spread into the pulp and can cause severe damage. In extreme cases, you could even lose a tooth completely. Besides decay, there are other times when a root canal may be necessary to save your smile. If you have gotten a filling previously but it has fallen out, you will be at risk of bacteria forming another cavity in the area. A chipped tooth may also require a root canal before placing a dental crown as well.

During your root canal, the area will be numbed and cleaned. Then the decayed part of the tooth will be removed. The area will be filled, and a crown will be bonded on top. This procedure may take a few hours, and you may need a few days to recover.

Do Not Wait Until This Becomes An Emergency

The most common area where a root canal is performed is the back molars. This is because it can be difficult to properly brush and floss in the back of your mouth. We also use this area to chew our food, which can leave particles from food. To prevent this restoration, remember to brush and floss twice a day. This will help rid of bad bacteria that can harm your smile. You should also be seeing your dentist twice a year.

If you are overdue for your next checkup, you should see your dentist as soon as possible. Cavities can often go undetected for a long time before symptoms begin to show. These side effects will continue to progress and can potentially become a dental emergency.

Repair Tooth Decay Today

To find out if you need root canal therapy, or to schedule an appointment, call the Sunny Smiles office nearest you in El Paso, TX, today! This restoration can save your smile from severe damage.